Monday, 4 April 2011

Post-Weekend Post

Happy Monday, everyone!  Back to the grindstone for me :(  I see I have gained a few new followers over the weekend! That really made me smile, thank you so much everyone for following :)

I had a good night on Saturday catching up with friends over drinks then out to the pub for some music, however I proved myself to be a total granny and was the first to cave and go home, oh dear!  I just wore my trusty chinos again for the occasion but didn't take any photos.  I did some "Spring Strawberries" nail art on my nails as part of my "Spring Look" which I'm doing a video for!  The video should hopefully be ready tomorrow.

Even though I spent most of Sunday feeling rather ill, I was going out for dinner with mum and her fiance for Mother's Day so I had to make an effort! 

Dress & Belt - Dunnes, Leggings & Boots  - Primark
Here is my Spring makeup look, inspired by daffodils and lilies, which will also be in the video:


(Flowers in our house)

Other than that I didn't get up to much!  I am still editing my video when I get the time but as I said, hopefully it should be uploaded tomorrow :) 

I hope you all had a good weekend, and weren't suffering like me :/ I am still unnaturally tired, it's ridiculous!! I'm sure my mum love having a hungover daughter on Mother's Day! However she did love the flowers and presen that I got, as did stepmum, so all was ok really :)


Susan said...

Lauren you are so good at nail art, those look brilliant. And the purple dress is fab, a really nice colour on you :) x

Sara said...

Oh my word your nails are fab!! Wish I had a steady enough hand to do nail art.

Sophie - Country girl said...

those nails are fabulous. My left hand is so useless that my right nails would love hideous trying to to anything like that! Looking forward to your spring look video :)

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

I soo totally adore your nails!!!


daisychain said...

Strawberry nails! AMAZING.

*Zoe* said...

Those strawberry nails are fab! x

dinoprincesschar said...

you are amazing at nail art!

Imogen said...

Love the nails and eyeshadow and purple is a great colour on you.