Saturday, 23 April 2011

Review: Trinny & Susannah Magic Knickers

A few weeks ago on Twitter, Tights Please asked if there were any bloggers interested in reviewing some shapewear.  I have always been interested in the idea of shapewear to give a bit of sneaky help under dresses and unforgiving clothing, and so jumped at the opportunity.  Tights Please stock shapewear in many different styles that act as waist cinchers, body smoothers and thigh reducers, as well as tummy flatteners.  As my tummy is my "problem area" I requested the Trinny and Susannah Magic Tummy Flattening Bikini Brief.

I actually already own a pair of Trinny & Susannah Magic knickers, which are thong style and mighty painful after a few hours!  So I was pleased as these are very different; firstly as they're brief style, and secondly as they come up much higher than my other pair.

Once I had them out of the packet, I got a bit scared!  They are so small and tight I wondered how on earth I would ever get them on!

There is an elasticated panel in the middle which is meant to act as a waist cincher to help pull you in more!

It was a slight struggle to put them on, but easier than I thought!  They come up to just below my bra.  As my "test run" for this review, I subjected them to a full day of work.  I wore them under my tightest work dress, starting from 8am on Thursday morning, until around 6pm Thursday evening. 

*  I found them surprisingly comfortable; I thought that because they came up so high that they would be very restrictive but they weren't at all;
*  They are very tight and elasticated;
They definitely made my stomach area smoother and slightly flatter; I did think that the dress sat better on me when wearing them;
*  They made me more aware of my stomach, and so I felt that I was also more prone to standing straight and holding my tummy in while wearing them;
There was no VPL, though I did wear thick tights over them which may have disguised it more. 

I felt that the elasticated part that is meant to help cinch in the waist was not very effective for me, as it sat below my waist, but this may be because I am quite tall at 5ft 8".  Perhaps on someone shorter they would sit better for the waist band to be more effective;
The top was a bit loose on me;
*  Slightly hard to get on due to being so tight and elasticated!

I was very scared about taking the before and after photos; I don't pretend to be something I'm not, and I know that while being a size 12-14 does not make me "fat", it can be far from flattering in photos.  I think that it is scary for any woman to do these kind of photos, let alone post them online.  To give a fair idea of the results of the shapewear I took front and side shots with and without the camera flash...

With flash: 

Without flash:

With flash:

Without flash:

As you can see from the photos, there are visible results.  I found these very effective under my work dress, and would not hesitate to wear them under other dresses, whether for work, a night out or something more formal such as a wedding.  The shapewear definitely smoothes the silhouette and gives you a little extra help at flattening the tummy, as well as providing you with the extra confidence that comes with knowing you don't look lumpy and bumpy in your dresses!

Original Magic Knickers come in 9 different styles, in a range of colours, starting from £26.  Stocked nationwide and online at and  I would honestly say that these are worth trying, and as they can be worn under so many outfits for any occasion, they are well worth the money.

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CarolineGsbM said...

I have few different styles and brands of magic knickers. I'm a bit wobbly around the middle and I think the knickers are good for smoothing out the lumps and bumps, and maybe even knocking a few millimetres off.


Charli said...

You had different ones to me! Good review though :)
I like the top on in the pictures!!

tinkerbelldani said...

Thank you so much for this post! i am a size 12-14 and iv had 2 kids so i am very self concious about my tummy and hips when wearing a dress etc, i have shape-wear but in a thong style and i refuse to wear it as it really hurts! they really need to re-think that one lol. I will be buying one of these now :) have you tried the gok won ones? they are meant to be fab! but they are around £50, id like to read reviews before i buy though. lots of love, dani xox

Sophie - Country girl said...

I have given brief consideration to shapewear. I find that I hate things resricting my middle and think that I'd find it really tight and unconfortable. I really like your review of this product. The front on pictures I couldn't really tell, you look fab without the shapewear anyway x

Susan said...

Great review :) I've always wanted to try some out, but too be honest I've always been a bit scared, mainly of getting into them in the first place & going to the loo, and a bit sceptical that they wouldn't work, you have totally given me more to think about though. xx