Thursday, 14 April 2011

Spending Ban is OVER!!

Day 26- Saturaday 9/04/2011:

I spent £40 on my 2 hour driving lesson.

Day 27 - Sunday 10/04/2011:

I didn't spend any money this day!  I went to watch a hurling match but my mum kindly paid the admission for me.

Day 28 - Monday 11/04/11:

I spent £1.60 in Spar and £2.30 in Tesco

Day 29 - Tuesday 12/04/11:

I spent about £3 in Superdrug on little plastic tubs to put the natural eyelash growth gel in.  I have found that I don't really get enough out of the mascara tube so this has made it much easier.

Day 30 - Wednesday 13/04/11:

I spent £7 on a train ticket to go to a seminar on Divorce Petitions, however this is going to be refunded to me in next week's paycheque!

* * * * MY BAN IS OVER!! * * *

So after 30 days of no luxury items, and only spending money on necessities, I have managed to save £200.  This is an absolute first for me!  It should have been more except my pay was late this week and so I won't get it until tomorrow.  This ban has really proved to me that I can save when I want to, and that I can think twice before buying something.  I may want it, but I don't always need it and I have (shock horror) actually kind of enjoyed being sensible with my money!  It made me happy to look at a nice fat bank account for a change, instead of counting down the days until pay day.  I will be able to treat myself to a new laptop very soon, and then I will be on a mission to save for a holiday!  On my lunch break today all I bought was dry shampoo and a blemish stick for my spots - I could have gone mad but I'm waiting until Saturday when I go shopping for my birthday to treat myself :)

I would really recommend that anyone who has something to save up for give this a try, it's not as hard as you think, and the products you're lusting after will still be in the shops in 30 days!

Good luck to Charli with the rest of hers - don't forget to see how she's doing until 5th May!


Charli said...

Was it the witch one you bought?
I'm soo proud...£200...amazing!!
Thankyou for letting me persuade you into keeping me company on my ban..I feel I played a part in that £200 ;)
Well done lovely xxx

Lauren said...

@Charli - Yea the witch blemish stick! Fingers crossed it helps me! Thanks for talking me into it lol :) you definitely had a part in that £200! x

Julie said...

holy god, £200! thats amazing! i would completely buy the laptop after that, you deserve it!x

Anonymous said...

I think it's so satisfying to save up for something. It makes it more special once you own it!

I've tagged you in today's blog post Lauren,


*Zoe* said...

Well done! You have much more will power than me! xx

Anonymous said...


Sophie - Country girl said...

£200 is a really great saving in a month! You did really well and should be proud you made it through and even enjoyed it. Great result :)

Bonnie said...

I totally admire anybody who can stick with their spending ban. I would epically fail because I am a total slave to my shopping desires.
Congrats on a job very well done!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

daisychain said...

Major congrats to you honey! xo