Friday, 1 April 2011

Spending Ban... Update #3

Day 11 - Friday 25th March 2011:

I know that I covered this last week but I didn't mention that in the evening I spent £6 on pizza! :)

Days 12 & 13 - Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th March 2011:

I didn't do much on Saturday, but in the evening I spent £3.50 towards a bottle of vodka, and then £4 on a taxi home from my friend's house.  I spent nothing on the Sunday.

Day 14 - Monday 28th March 2011:

I spent a grand total of £5.73 on breakfast and lunch. I really need to start eating breakfast at home or doing something more cost effective! :/  I also spent £3 on pizza in the evening, then cursed pizza for being so tasty and anti-weight loss and have decided, with much regret, that I need to stop eating it!

Day 15 - Tuesday 29th March 2011:

Halfway there already! I spent £2.31 on this day on food, of course! (I realise how unexciting this update is, I apologise! But it can't be too thrilling when I'm not buying anything I guess!)

Day 16 - Wednesday 30th March 2011:

Another £4 spent in Tesco on various food items.  Bought 2 Mother's Day cards for mum and stepmum, totalling about £4 as well.  I also ordered my mum's Mother's Day present online; she didn't want anything, or so she claimed, but I just ordered her some charms for her charm bracelet.  My brother helped me pick a laptop as I am in dire need of a new one. The one I want is £400.... yikes. I may keep saving...

Day 17 - Thursday 31st March 2011:

Payday! I spent £6.66 (argh!) in Tesco on food plus a new set of earphones for my iPod.  I just got cheap Tesco ones at £2 or so, however I'm really not liking them as they are too big for my ears and hurt when I wear them :(

Day 18 - Friday 1st April 2011

Spent about £3.50 in Tesco, however this time I bought plastic (washable) bowls, and a box of cereal that I'm gonna keep in work for my breakfast, so all I need to do is bring some milk with me in the mornings.  I am hoping that this works out cheaper for breakfast expenditure!  At lunch time I went to the Yankee Candle shop near my office and bought 2 bouquets of flowers for Mother's Day plus a few little candles and a holder for my stepmum (2 mums = double the expenditure!)

This week has been ok.  Main expense is the presents for Mother's Day really.  In total I've spent about £75 on everything mentioned above.  I need to top-up my mobile though which will be £15 spent tonight probably :(

I have plans to go out tomorrow night with a few friends for some drinks and a girly night, which I am really looking forward to! I am trying to work out how to save a bit though, hopefully someone will be willing to split a bottle of something with me.  Do you guys do pre-pub drinking to save money?  Over here we always do; it's not a night out without a pre-pub carry out and some craic! (as in laughs and good banter - not drugs...)

I wonder how Charli is doing this week?  Don't forget to check! We're over halfway there now!! :D


Sophie - Country girl said...

You're doing great, over halfway now! Have a great night out :)

Izzah Beverly said...

have a great night out and try to loose a lil on your budget saving and be happy! :D

kirstyb said...

well done xxx