Friday, 8 April 2011

Spending Ban... Update #4

Day 19 - Saturday 2/4/2011:

In the morning I topped up my mobile with £15 and I spent £40 on my 2 hour driving lesson.  In the evening I was going out with friends, so I put £4 towards a bottle of vodka for the carryout.  At the pub I bought 2 vodkas & a diet coke which cost about £6, and then contributed £2 to the taxi home (the boyfriend bought my chip, cheese and gravy, oooh aye).

Day 20 - Sunday 3/4/2011:

Mother's Day! Went out for dinner with mum and her fiance, however they had a voucher for the meal so I didn't have to pay anything, whoopee!

Day 21 - Monday 4/4/2011:

I spent £3.57 in Tesco on lunch and then £3 on pizza in the evening (I know, I have no willpower...)

Day 22 - Tuesday 5/4/2011:

I spent £1.33 in Spar. Rock. And. Roll.

Day 23 - Wednesday 6/4/2011:

Was at the bank at lunchtime, which is near Subway.  £2.29 on a sub of the day.  Worth it!

Day 24 - Thursday 7/4/2011:

Spent £4.31 in Tesco and 68p on a cheapie magazine later in the evening. I am slightly worried that I can't go a single week day without spending on food! Hmm.

Day 25 - Friday 8/4/2011:

Spent £1.45 in Spar.  I don't think I'll be doing any more spending today... Although I think the Avon lady might finally be calling by tonight for her payment!! So that will be £8 I think.


I cannot believe there are only 5 days left of my ban!  I am really pleased that I have done so well, even mum commented on it.  My new laptop is becoming ever more attainable (apart from the fact that it is now out of stock... typical!)  Food for breakfast and lunch is definitely my main expenditure, but I find that there's always something necessary that I have to get each week! e.g.: the Mother's Day presents, mobile phone top-up.  However I do have a small list forming of things that I would like to buy when it's over!  Charli has been very brave and extended her ban until the 5th of May - good on you! I know that I would never last that long, especially with my birthday coming up in 10 days - argh!!

Don't forget to see Charlis progress this week. The next update you get from me will be on Thursday 14th April when my ban is O V E R!!


dinoprincesschar said...

well done on the ban, i think you have been really restrained!

Bonnie said...

Spending ban?
I would fail.

I'm so proud of how well you have done, though!!!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

giddynici said...

Well done love. I'm very impressed. Good to have a goal like the laptop to keep you going. X

WeShop said...

Hi, just found your blog. What a brilliant idea for a challenge. Sounds like you're doing really well. Magazines on the way home for work are my downfall! xx

Sophie - Country girl said...

you're doing great, hope the laptop come back in stock soon though!