Monday, 23 May 2011

Boys' Birthdays

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great weekend :)  my family were all in Leicester visiting my uncle and his family so I had the house to myself, which was practically like a holiday. Peace and quiet, it was blissful!

I don't know about you... but I never ever know what to buy my boyfriend for his birthday.  He is so fussy. Possibly fussier than any woman I know!  I tend to play it safe with presents for him, but as it can be so difficult, I tend to include one or two items of clothing.  Foolproof, surely?...

... Well, not with my boyfriend!  Even clothes need to meet his expectations!  I have learned the following about his taste in clothes:
-  No bright colours. Especially no neon. Not even a hint of neon;
-  Plain, dark colours are preferable;
-  Humourous tops are acceptable, within reason;
-  A well-known brand name is preferred;
-  Shirts must have a pocket (even though he puts nothing in it?);
-  Shirts must also have long sleeves (so he can roll them up);
-  Shoes.... don't even go there. The criteria are too complex.

So, with his birthday fast approaching I am in my usual quandry about what presents to get him.  It will no doubt include some clothing!  I recently found out about the designer clothing website Tucci Store via Twitter, and I think that some of their stock could be right up my boyfriend's street.  They have a great selection of brands and these are the items I think my fussy-pants boyfriend might approve of...

There is a huge selection of G-Star Raw Mens clothing, and these G-Star T-Shirts are plain yet stylish enough for his taste, I should think. The Trent Black T-Shirt with the big logo is quite original without being too 'busy'.
G-Star Raw Scout Black & Grey T-Shirt
G-Star Raw Trent Black T-Shirt
They also have a great selection of Diesel T-Shirts, of which I believe the boyfriend would approve, in particular this Ducha Navy Blue T-Shirt.  While the light blue is verging on neon, I think the combination of blue is really nice, and not too bright:
Diesel Ducha Navy Blue T-Shirt
As far as shirts go, they have several Ted Baker shirts which would make most men happy, however the one I would have to opt for would be the Amhurst Navy Blue Shirt:

Ted Baker Mens Amhurst Navy Blue Shirt
While it doesn't meet the 'pocket' criteria (are there other men out there who demand it too?!) it is a versatile colour and very classic; an investment shirt, if you will.

The final item that caught my eye is from the range of Henri Lloyd Jeans.  These are fab, and jeans are something that my boyfriend doesn't bother buying much as he is the "sporty" type in everyday wear.  These however, would be perfect for a night out:

Henri Lloyd Mens Cassop Vintage Wash Blue Denim Jeans
Tucci also have t-shirts by Gio-Goi and Firetrap that would surely please even the pickiest of men.  I am also pleasantly surprised by the reasonable prices and will be keeping these items in mind while I try to pick at my boyfriend's brain for gift ideas!

What kind of things do you ladies tend to buy for your fellas' for their birthday?  Clothes, or something else?  Are all men as fussy?! All suggestions and ideas are appreciated!

I posted a new video on my YouTube Channel today too - How I Do My Make Up (Everyday Look) if you're interested!


Charli said...

Ughhhh this will apply to me in July! Matts 22nd! And he got me SO much for my 21st! Eeeeek!

And they are worse than women to buy for. x

Sophie - Country girl said...

Men are actually worse than women to buy for. I often buy my hubby fragrences, usually of my choice, not his!

Anonymous said...

My husband is horrendous to buy for. I usually head to Superdry for his clothes, although I do that for my eldest son too!


KatieWrites said...

Mike's pretty easy to buy for in a way. You'll get what I mean by what I say next.
Mike's birthday is on the 8th November, Call of Duty is always released on the 8th November. Catch my drift. haha. Every year we have to Que. up at midnight on the 7th November so he can be one of the first to own the game.
We are most definitely a pair of geeks.
I always get him a little bit of something as well, just so he can have something to open, and of course he's got to have a cake. That's the best bit about birthdays. haha.

daisychain said...

what a great post! I dont have a boy to buy for, well, 'cept my bro, but he usually gets vouchers or random shit he doesn't want but is awesome anyway!

xXxStundonxXx said...

Buying for men can suck! I'm quite lucky with Spencer as he'll wear anything! x said...

My boyfriend will only wear long sleeves too!

Susan said...

I tend to get Sean to write a list of a few things like Xbox games and he's into Warhammer (painting little models & playing strategy games with them *uber geek*) but I couldn't for the life of me know what ones to get, or I'll go for accessories to his hobbies.

With clothes I go for geeky slogan t-shirts or skater brands, Atticus, stars & straps etc, and DC trainers. I guess he's pretty simple to buy for on the grand scheme of things.