Friday, 27 May 2011

I Want Summer Now, Please!

Hello all!

I hope you're having a better Friday than me - I'm ill!  I have got a horrible cold and today the worst of it seems to have hit; headache, sore jaw, stuffy nose and streaming eyes. Wonderful.  Also, it's almost June and you wouldn't think it here because of the weather!  It's been cold, windy and raining all week.  No chance of busting out the summer clothes yet - I'm still wearing thick black tights to work! 

I am getting totally sick of wintery weather and tights.  I have been eyeing up a large range of fashion tights instead, courtesy of TightsTightsTights.  They have some gorgeous ones by Pretty Polly, even the packaging is fab! (I'm a sucker for packaging. Tragic, I know)  My favourites would be the Embellished Tights:
Pretty Polly Embellished Tights

I would love these for a night out with a colourful dress, or even with a black dress for a simple, classic outfit with a little bit of unexpected sparkle.  I've also been eyeing up suspender tights for months now and think I may treat myself to the newest design from House of Holland; suspender tights with nude panels at the top, so it really looks like you're wearing suspenders! Genius.
House of Holland New Super Suspender Tights

Another gorgeous and very reasonably priced pair are the rose trellis design by Gipsy Tights.  These would perhaps be the most acceptable for work wear, yet are really pretty and unusual:

Gipsy Rose Trellis Tights

Tights at the end of May... who would have thought?!  Have a great weekend, everyone!


Sophie - Country girl said...

yay, I can comment again! I love those trellis tights, they look so cool. Bring on summer and bare legs again!

dinoprincesschar said...

I rather love those henry holland ones, but i'm so hopeless with tights i would tear them in a day :(

Hazel said...

have a great weekend, hope you feel better soon x

daisychain said...

yay tights! hope you feel better soon xo said...

Nasty cold, hope it clears off soon :) x

Bonnie said...

Obsessed with those embellished tights!!! Those are totally my style.
I hope you feel better soon!!!! :)
Twitter: @GlamKitten88 said...

I have those House of Holland ones, LOVE them!

Please may I? said...

Hope you feel better soon.

I love fancy tights. They really make an outfit.

X x