Tuesday, 10 May 2011

In Case You Haven't Seen Them Yet...

Hi all!

I see I now have an AMAZING 91 followers! I literally cannot believe it.  I definitely have to sort out a giveaway for the big 1-0-0!  Thanks so much, all of you!

I am now an insured driver! Yay! I am insured to drive my mum's car but errr.... I don't like her car, it's petrol... I almost feel scammed that I learned in a diesel and now cannot drive petrol, agh!  Anyways, here are my latest youtube videos...

April Favourites:

Belfast Haul:

50 Questions Tag (and me with no make up):

Tomorrow I will be posting my BB Cream Review blog post and accompanying video.  It's taken so long as I have put a lot of work in to it :)  I have also removed the word verification on my comments so comment away!

Hope you're all having a great day!


Jessica said...

I'm learning in a diesel, eek, hope it's not too much of a change to petrol! Looking forward to the bb cream review, i so want to try them! xx

Sophie - Country girl said...

Congrats on all your followers! I've watched 2/3 vids, will take a look at Belfast haul vid later I hope. Thanks for tagging me for the 50 questions, I'll get something recorded this weekend I hope :)
your drunken injury sounds awful!

Bonnie said...

Congrats on the followers! I still love watching my number increase. It's super exciting. Haha.
I love your videos. You are soooo cute.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88