Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Laugh it Off 'til You Cry

Hiya everyone
I know - I am posting in the evening!  Unheard of! However, I am now able to blog from my gorgeous new laptop from my own bedroom.  It was worth the wait.  I shall post a photo of my new love sometime, however I am so overprotective that I still have the protective plastic on the screen and around the keys as I am too scared to take it off!!

Today I had a job interview... it was a frickin' disaster!  Now, I have perservered with manys an interview in my time that would never produce a job for me at the end of it, but this was something else.  First of all, I was late.  At least 30 minutes late.  The satnav sent us the wrong way at a roundabout and we basically went the total other direction from where the site was.  All I can say was thank God I was not driving or else I may have had a nervous breakdown.  My boyfriend handled me screaming like a banshee in his ear rather well, I think. 

The interview was in a hospital, and I tried to phone them to tell them I was on the way but I could not get put through to the right department! I was put through to several different people and one helpful lady gave me directions and said she could try to let the interviewers know I was en route.  When we eventually found the place, we parked in, what I presume, was the large main car park.  There were no signs directing me to the "Training Rooms" were the interview was to take place.  There was a sizeable building with double doors in front of me so, presuming it would take me to a reception area, I went in there.  It was not reception.  It was a long corridor leading to various wards, examination rooms and Christ knows what else.  I was rather panicked at this stage, and merely wanted to apologise to the interviewers for missing my spot and shuffle out, shameful at my tardiness.

I saw a lady with a file who looked a bit official, and even though she wasn't a member of staff she knew the way about and showed me where the small Training Rooms building was.  I went in expecting to be met by someone or have to sign in... nope.  Three chairs and a sign reading "Interview Candidates Please Sit Here"... ok... So I sat. And waited for a while. And wondered if I was somehow still in the wrong place... I heard voices so I followed the sound and found a few women:  "Are the interviews taking place in this building?"  I enquired.  They looked at one another, then one responded "I don't really know.  I think there are interviews across the hall."  Oh, most helpful. Hmm.

So I sat down for a further five minutes before a lady appeared and asked if I was there for the interviews.  I said yes, and tried to apologise for missing my slot, however she waved it off with a kindly "Oh that's fine, it's ok!"... Well, had I known it was some sort of "free-for-all" interview, sure I'd have showed up whenever I felt like it instead of giving myself a tension headache and shouting profanities at a satnav.

She took my application form and returned to the interview room to go over it.  I should have known that this setup was a total joke from this screening process alone - who gives any Tom, Dick or Harry an interview without even enquiring about their qualifications, then sends them an application form to bring with them to the interview?!  Any looney tune could have turned up.  Anyways, a few minutes later she was back, waving me in to the room.

What commenced, I can only describe, rather crudely, as a game of Mindf**k.  Three affable, kindly looking ladies asked me what seemed to be rather simple questions (e.g.: 'How would you ensure confidentiality with your work?', and 'When inputting data, how would you ensure that there are no mistakes?') When I was finished answering, they would then pause, and while looking at their notes ask "Are you happy with that answer?" - Well, I'm f**king not now, am I?!  I was then flummoxed, thinking I must have forgot important things and racked my brain trying to add more to my answer. 

Inevitably, it was car-crash viewing for them.  I came across as a total numbskull.  I couldn't get home fast enough.  There is definitely no chance of a job there!  Ah well, worth a shot!

Here is what I wore to the most ridiculous interview of my life:
Skirt, Cami, Blouse, & tights - Primark
Blazer - Tesco

Really muted, natural eye makeup courtesy of my Naked Palette:
(strangely ghostly) FOTD:
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (shade 52)
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (shade 2)
Collection 2000 Pressed Powder
Miners 'Sun Blushed' blusher and highlighter duo
FCUK Bronzer

UD Naked Palette - Virgin, Naked & Buck
Maybelline 'The Colossal' Mascara

MAC lipstick 'Creme D'Nude'
I will be most thankful to go to sleep tonight and pretend that today never happened...(No signature saved on my new laptop, oops!) Lauren x


Yu said...

Oh god I actually lol-ed at that - what silly interviewers! There's no way you could've done any better with the way they were treating you!

You look gorgeous though, very appropriate! :)

Aisling said...

Oh bless you! I hate it when you're late through no fault of your own! I'm sure it wasn't as bad as you think it was! At the very least it was 'good experience' (this is what people always say to me)! Good luck and you looked great at least! :)

Sophie - Country girl said...

What a weird set-up. If they went about their interview in such an absurd manner its pretty likely everyone else had a bad time of it too. I wouldn't be surprised if you hear back from them. I'm stuck to my laptop like glue in the evenings. I love mine a little too much.

adoreabubbles said...

Better luck next time, I hope your boyfriend takes you on a holiday son to recover!

Making life more beautiful said...

♡ Wow I can't believe that interview :-o What were they thinking??! You poor thing! Haha! you looked fantastic though :) I would have collapsed being that late though or strangled my other half ;) xxx

www.blahblahbecky.co.uk said...

Haha sorry to laugh at your pain but you made this story so funny! I'm sure it was a nightmare but I'm sure in a couple of days you will laugh too (I hope!).


Susan said...

Sounds like they wouldn't be very good to work for anyway, what a total shambles (them not you).

At least you looked lovely :) xx