Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Makes You Think Twice

Hi everyone,

I wanted to do a post to help raise awareness about this issue.  If you read Deb's blog Making Life More Beautiful then you will have read it, but if not, please check out her gorgeous blog!

Deb took photographs of lots of major retail stores that were not disabled friendly, as they claimed to be, and as such were highly inaccessible.  She wrote polite letters to the stores in question, including the photographic evidence of their inaccesibility, in order to highlight this issue, which makes shopping so difficult for wheelchair users.

Yesterday she did a post about the results of her letters.  I was both highly impressed and extremely disgusted at the range of responses she received; from the fantastically apologetic and accommodating (French Connection, H&M, Gap... a long list of stores with absolutely amazing responses) to the downright rude and shocking (New Look and All Saints especially).

Please visit Deb's blog and read about her campaign - it will open your eyes.  If at some time in life you became a wheelchair user, you would still want access to your favourite shops, wouldn't you?  The fact that some of these stores, frankly, don't care whether the disabled can shop there or not, is ignorant, inconsiderate and totally shocking.

Well done Deb, for your largely successful campaign.  I am so pleased that you got such wonderful feedback from so many companies.  As for the rest, well, I know what shops to avoid in the future.


Please may I? said...

What a fantastic result for her and her cause. As I work in retail I fully understand the effect it can have on disabled people trying to shop in an unhelpful enviroment.

X x

Julie said...

It only occured to me while on the bus yesterday how hard people in wheelchairs have it. A boy about my age was in one and couldn't get off the bus unless someone pushed him. Her post was amazing and we really need more people like her xx

Making life more beautiful said...

Thank you SO much Lauren, I am touched beyond words that you did this hun *hugs*. You are a star! I've put your article on my personal FB status and my MLMB facebook page and the blog article on my page too :) You are so thoughtful... You've made my day :)It is SO well written!

Aw how lovely are the comments above too! That is so kind!

Thanks again babe :) ƸӜƷ x ƸӜƷ x ƸӜƷ

daisychain said...

off to have a good old read now xo