Monday, 30 May 2011

Product Review: The Body Shop Body Butter - "Dreams Unlimited"

Hey all!
I'm sure a few of you picked up this month's Marie Claire magazine with the free Body Shop 50ml Body Butter.  These 50ml tubs are worth £5 each, and so for the price of the magazine (£3.60) it is a nice bargain!

You could get either shea, mango or Dreams Unlimited.  Mainly because this came with the last magazine on the shelf in my local petrol station, I got the Dreams Unlimited one!  Though to be honest I probably would have picked this one myself anyway... and not because I knew what it was like (I didn't) but because I don't think I'd be too keen on smelling fruity all day (Mango eliminated) and I know what shea butter is like, so I suppose it was the mystery around this one that made it more alluring... that and the pretty colours.  I am a sucker for pretty packaging.

I have only ever used the Coconut Body Butter before, however I have made my way through two tubs of it so I knew I would like the consistency.  It is really thick and creamy, and feels so luxurious.  I do think it is quite bad at sinking in to your skin though.  I can feel this on my skin for ages afterwards.

The smell of this was unexpected.  It is quite strongly perfumed.  After looking it up on the Body Shop website I realise that this is because there is a whole Dreams Unlimited range, including perfume, so it makes more sense now!  However the smell hangs around for a good while after you've used it.  I can smell it on my hands a few hours later, and I am still torn as to whether I like it.  Obviously I don't hate it or else I wouldn't use it; I think that perhaps it's just too strongly scented and perfume-esque for a body butter, for me.

Did anyone else try this one too?  What are your favourite Body Shop Body Butters?


Beautyshades said...

I pick up this one as well it smells lovely:)

Hazel said...

I have to be honest, the Mango was on the front of my Marie Claire but it went straight into my box of things for Give and Make Up. I find body butters to thick. You mentioned that you can feel it one your skin for ages? Well, I'm not a fan of that. In fact it's a bit of a pet hate of mine, I have to go for lighter lotions that soak in easily. Avon are my current crush!
I've tagged you in my latest blog - hope you enjoy :)

Poppy Jane said...

I picked up the Dreams Unlimited body butter in this months Marie Claire, but I haven' had a chance to try it yet as after by birthday I seem to be drowning in pots of body butter that all need to be used up! I love the smell though and the body shop body butters are my favourite, so i'm sure to like it.

Sophie - Country girl said...

It has such pretty packaging, I am magnetised to pretty packages. I'm a sucker for good marketing!