Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Product Review: Skin79 Super+ Triple Function BB Cream

I will forewarn you that I have tried to do as detailed and informative a review as possible on this product, and so this post is quite long and photo heavy.  This is to provide as much information as possible for you!  I thought of the kind of details I like to see in review posts and so tried to cover as much information as I could.  However, if you are too lazy to read this detailed review, my video review is at the end of this post! ;)
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BB Cream is a product that I had never heard of until recently, when I watched missglamorazzi’s video review.  It is a very popular product in Asia, and I have never seen it in shops here before.  Her review sparked my interest and after browsing eBay for a long time, I took the plunge and ordered it.  I paid £9.25 and delivery was free, which I thought was very reasonable.  The seller is based in South Korea and my item arrived 6 days later, which I considered quite fast delivery.

Stupidly, the day after my BB Cream arrived I found videos and an article on real .v. fake BB Cream, and got very worried.  However, upon comparing the one I had received to those in the videos I came to the conclusion that the item I had received is, thankfully, a genuine product.  Obviously, this I just my opinion, but I am 99.99% positive that the BB Cream that I bought is real!  The packaging of the genuine BB Cream has changed recently, apparently, which makes it easier to detect fake ones, and mine is definitely the new packaging.  However some genuine BB Cream in the old packaging may still be available too.  If you are considering buying BB Cream I really recommend watching this video (compares new packaging to fake one) and this video (compares old packaging to fake one).  You can also read this article (compares old packaging to fake one) which, although slightly confusing to me, covers a variety of real and fake BB Creams, and I have found another article here.

First impressions:
·  The packaging is pretty, chic, attractive and girly;
·  The text on the box and the bottle is quite bad English, however it is a Korean made product so this is hardly unusual.
·  The bottle is squat, compact, sturdy and well-designed.  However it may be a bit fat for a make up bag;
·  The consistency is thick and creamy, thicker than any foundation I have tried;
·  It is a pale skin-tone colour which looks slightly grey/muddy at first;
·  It blends really smoothly – the colour looks ‘off’ at first but after it has been exposed to the air for a few minutes it calms down to basically match, or come very close to, your skin tone;
·  The product smells pleasant – it reminds me of sun cream, while my mum though it smelled a bit tropical, however the scent is slight and not overpowering;
·  It is not sticky or greasy, though I wash my hands after applying it;
·  Not heavy, full coverage – I would say light-medium coverage, and it is very natural.

General Observations:
·  This particular BB Cream is aimed at oily and combination skin, which is why I chose it, however there are formulations for different skin types;
·  Although I usually apply foundation with a brush, I have not tried to do so with this product as I think that the consistency is too thick;
·  The cream blends smoothly when applied with fingertips and I think that the warmth by applying it this way helps the product oxidise and match your skin tone;
·  The first day that I used this BB Cream I thought that my skin felt very dry after a few hours of wear.  This annoyed me as I would not want to continue wearing a product that dried out my skin.  However, I just put on moisturiser before applying the BB Cream and this seems to have solved the problem;
·  This product covers pores and small blemishes well, though concealer is still necessary for more noticeable spots and blemishes;
·  After applying the BB Cream, I give it a minute or two to blend in to my skin and then I just apply my make up as normal.  I use the same concealer, powder, blushers etc as usual;
·  It gives the feeling of coverage while being lightweight, so it is not heavy or cakey;
·  It evens out the skin tone;
·  I have worn this on my normal, untouched skin, and also when I have fake tan on, and it has been fine each time.  It does not make me too pale when wearing fake tan, which is a big bonus for me;
·  It can be removed as easily as any other foundation or make up.

·  Thick, creamy texture.
·  Blends in with your skin tone well.
·  Matches my normal skin tone, and my tanned skin tone.
·  Only a small amount required for the whole face.
·  The bottle is well designed; the pump is hygienic and prevents wastefulness.
·  Once the cream oxidises on you skin it is a natural, warm tone.
·  It has SPF 25 sun protection.
·  It is easy to remove.
·  Smells pleasant.
·  It was a reasonable price.
·  The amount – 40g is good value (equivalent to 40ml, and most foundations come in 30ml bottles).

·  On the first day my mum thought I looked very pale.  However this was the only time that happened.
·  If you prefer heavier or fuller coverage, the light-medium coverage of this would be a con for you.
·  Concealer needed for prominent blemishes.
·  It only comes in one shade.  While the shade obviously matches pale skin (like mine!) well, and would match several warmer skin tones too, it would not be a good product for darker skin tones.
·  Chance of buying a fake one, especially when buying online.
·  The thick texture might be a con for those who prefer a thinner fluid foundation.
·  The text on the bottle fades/rubs off quite easily (don’t wipe the bottle down with toner to clean it like I did!)
·  It is hard to photograph the product on the skin, it can come across as paler than it looks in real life due to the SPF in it.
·  Chance it may dry your skin; however I counteract this by applying moisturiser first and have had no bother since.

Slightly brighter lighting in right hand photo as the sun appeared but they were taken a few mins apart
Comparison to M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid:

I thought that some readers might find it helpful to have the BB Cream compared to a well known foundation, and so I have taken photographs comparing it to my new M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid.  The shade of this M.A.C SFF is NC15, aka the palest shade available!  Obviously BB Cream and M.A.C foundation are two completely different entities, but sometimes this type of comparison is helpful. 

As the BB Cream would match a variety of skin tones, I obviously cannot compare the shades, so this comparison focuses more on the texture, consistency and how the coverage and shade applies to my skin tone.

BB Cream:
·  Thicker texture
·  Warmer tone
·  Smells pleasant
·  On my hand: warmer match
·  On my face: best match
·  More natural texture on face
·  40g/ml for £9.25 = 23p per ml.  Better value. (40g is equivalent to 40ml. I checked myself!)

·  Runnier consistency
·  Cooler tone
·  Smells chalky, less natural
·  On my hand: best match
·  On my face: less natural looking
·  Powdery texture on face, looks drier
·  30ml for £19.50 = 65p per ml.

My advice would be that while BB Cream is probably not a product to everyone’s taste, it is definitely worth a try; I certainly am pleased with it (my Bourjois Healthy Mix has been severely neglected since this arrived!) and will most likely repurchase when mine eventually runs out.  And last, but not least, research the seller you are getting it from!  If you buy it, compare it to the videos and article linked above to ensure you haven’t been scammed.  I bought it from this seller and believe that it is the real deal, however if you decide to buy it, whether from this source or another, and believe that it may be a counterfeit product, please do not blame me.  I personally believe that mine is genuine, however this is only my opinion and I cannot be held accountable for the many fraudulent items that are available.
I hope that this review has been helpful for anyone who is interested in BB Cream and is considering purchasing it.  In conclusion, I am really pleased with the Skin79 BB Cream, and very happy that I bought it.  It is a good price – I would pay the same for a drugstore foundation (e.g.: my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation is £9.99) but I think that the BB Cream is a better all round product for the money.  It is so natural, and can match a variety of skin tones.  I think it is an excellent everyday product, and indeed have been wearing it everyday instead of foundation.  I have wore it to the pub in the evening, however if I were going for a “big night out” I would probably go for the M.A.C SFF or another more “heavy duty” foundation.

Thanks for reading this review and do let me know if you try it or any other type of BB Cream :)  If you have any questions feel free to contact me here, on twitter or by email.  Here is the video review for those who are interested:


Susan said...

Great review :) Very informative.

I've never heard of this product before but I think it would definitely give it a try after reading this and seeing the results.

And thank you for the warning and links on dodgy sellers.

Sophie - Country girl said...

Really good review. It looks like a fab product and excellent value. I am half tempted to try it but to be honest I think I need a heavier coverage to even up my skin tone.

Lauren said...

@Susy - I would definitely recommend giving it a try! If you do, stick with it for a few days and once you get used to the texture and colour you may be surprised :) x

@Sophie - I know what you mean I will still use my MAC for bad skin days and stuff, but when my skin is ok this is much lighter x

KellyCake said...

Great review i also am loving mine no break outs and after is has warmed on skin suits my skin tone really well would buy it again

Charli said...

I really want to try this! Might wait until my foundation collection has decreased a little though! Maybe for winter when I am paler!

Bloomin' good review though x

Christina Marie said...

I've actually not heard of this product before but it sounds really good! It looks like you certainly get your moneys worth! Great review! x

daisychain said...

I still dont quite understand what BB cream is but I am interested!

Tereza said...

Hello, do you think you could put here a link for the seller? Ive been looking for one for about a year and cant get the bravery to order it because Im so worried I get a fake one with my luck haha Would be very helpful, thanks a lot!! xx

Tereza said...

Ooooh sorry! I must have missed that bit *embarassed face* Thank you! It's actually a seller I bought things from before, so should be good!:) xx