Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Return to Reality


I must offer a huge apology for being such a rubbish blogger and blog reader over the bank holiday break :(  I was really busy and barely near a computer, however now I am back to work and so business should recommence as usual.

Trip to Donegal to enjoy the sunshine with my boyfriend, my friend and her boyfriend.  Had a few drinks and a BBQ and I fell asleep during a film... This is becoming a regular occurance.

What I wore:

T-shirt, Sandals - Primark
Blazer - Tesco
Jeans - D2
  Purple eyes:

On Monday my boyfriend and I went to Belfast (only got slightly lost along the way.... *ahem*) to see David Guetta in concert - my boyfriend had got me the tickets as part of my Christmas present!  The concert was frikkin AMAZING!  If you ever get the chance to go to his concert, DO IT.  Be warned though, most of the other people there were either:
(a) chavs;
(b) underage;
(c) off their tits;
(d) exceedingly drunk, or;
(e) a combination of all of the above. 
Thankfully we had got the slightly more expensive "VIP" tickets so were were up on the balcony level where there seemed to be fewer chavs and mainly sensible people. (I am such an old lady it frightens me) Had our tickets been floor ones, I do not think I would have survived the experience; watching the destruction from a balcony was much more enjoyable.  I didn't take many photos from the actual concert, but I did film as much as I could before my camera ran out of memory, so I will be amalgamating the footage into one long video.

What I wore:

Eye makeup and false lashes:


Stayed in the Hilton Hotel:

Messy dressing table in the Hilton.... whoops:

Before departing Belfast, I of course had to have a walk around the shops.  I'll not say too much here as I hacve a haul video for you all, but I did call by the Chanel counter to ask for a sample of their Vitalumiere Aqua foundation.  They had no sample sizes left but the lady put it on me to try.  Here are the photos and to be honest.... I really was not that impressed.  It doesn't seem any better/worse than some other foundations.  Slightly disappointing, however I'm sure my bank balance is breathing a sigh of relief, considering the major bashing it got in Belfast!

With flash                                     Without flash
Let me know what you think but to me it doesn't seem that special...

I have been trying to upload my old videos to my new youtube channel without success, the uploads keep failing.  What a joke.

Later everyone :)


Hazel said...

Wow - those lashes are amazing! If I try I always fail...

Love the top you wore for the concert, its really pretty - sounds like you had a great time too (I'd prefer to look onto the carnage from above) x

Bits and Beauty said...

I just came back from Belfast too! Isn't it such a gorgeous city! Love your hotel room, so fancy! Your make-up pics with the lashes look fab xx

daisychain said...

Welcome back gorgeous xo said...

What a great present from your boyfriend, lucky you! Although all gigs seem to be chav-central these days, it's a shame!

Love your make-up - you need to show us how you did it! I tried that Chanel foundation using a sachet in a magazine and for this amount it costs I wasn't that impressed either.

Anonymous said...

Your eyes always look amazing!

I love a good gig but I'm more suited to standing at the side (always right side weirdly) and nodding in time to the music. I'm into David Guetta's stuff but glad you enjoyed it!!


Bonnie said...

You always have the best makeup.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

poppy said...

I absolutely love the first outfit, looks gorgeous! Love reading your blog :)

Sophie - Country girl said...

love the outfits. your jeans are a fabulous fit! sounds like you had a great time at the gig. The hotel looks well posh, I'm so jealous. I missed your blog posts! Glad you're back x

Please may I? said...

Great outfits. Love Saturday's and the top from Monday's.

X x

Miss Educator said...

I know all about falling asleep during films.... the amount of endings I've missed is ridiculous