Friday, 17 June 2011

Friday Bling

Thank goodness I am off work today!  I had a highly stressful day yesterday that, thankfully, turned out ok in the end, and last night I got twelve much needed hours of sleep.  I have had a slightly lazy day today which is fantastic for a change.

June is the month of shorts, one would think... well, in Northern Ireland it's the month of shorts and thick black tights! Rain and more rain, ugh.

This jacket is a real throwback to my student days; I remember buying it in a punk/goth shop in Leicester and being so proud as I thought it was so original.... then I got home for the summer to discover that it was being sold in every TK Maxx in the country for about £6 cheaper; gah!

I got these earrings at the time especially to go with the jacket, ha!  I do love a bit of funky jewellery and try to add to my collection every so often.  I really want to invest in some gorgeous Vivienne Westwood Jewellery - just look at these pieces:

Vivienne Westwood Womens Enamel Magenta Pink Orb Earrings

These are stunning and rather affordable at £51.00... if and when I get a new job, I may have to treat myself!  If I'm going to remain broke, however, this pair may be more within my price range:

Vivienne Westwood Womens Pink Heart Orb Earrings

These are so pretty and feminine yet have that edge, as with all Vivienne Westwood items; I want them muchly and they are a reasonable £46.... if I were to blow my budget completely though, it would definitely be on this ring (I'm a sucker for rings):

Vivienne Westwood Womens Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die Silver Multi Ring

HOW cool is that?!  At £105 though, I may keep on dreaming... I can just imagine me spending over £100 on a ring and it falling down the sink or something; that would be my luck!

Do any of you lucky ladies own any Vivienne Westwood pieces?  And, indeed, are you also still wearing tights in June?!  I dreamt last night that it was snowing; I might not be far wrong....


Imogen said...

Love the jacket and earings.

daisychain said...

I love your shorts! xo

Julie said...

this outfit is so adorable! love the earrings too, and I know what you mean about investing in jewellery. Must do that instead of buying crappy stuff!x

*Zoe* said...

Luuurve those VW bits! Oh and I wish I had your legs! x

xXxStundonxXx said...

That jacket is well funky!
I dug out my plum tights tonight, these are winter things not summer things!!! x

Sophie - Country girl said...

you look amazing in those shorts. I've been looking for a fab pair like that. its really hard to find proper fitting shorts! Those VW rings are so great. Love it.

papaia said...

You look cute in shorts, :)