Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Glossy Box #2 - June 2011

Sooo I know that everyone is probably sick of reading about the June Glossy Box by now, so this is going be short and sweet!

My summary of my intial opinions are:
Body Buff - I can't wait to try this, I am expecting good things from it!
Batiste Dry Shampoo - The item that 'upset' most people. I will definitely use this however it is not 'high end' which is what annoyed everyone.
BioEffect Serum - Not tried this yet either. Will give it a go and perhaps pass on to someone else.
OPI Mini Nail Polish - A nice colour, and yes it's very small but they're samples, what do you expect?!
Perles de Lalique Eau de Parfum - I quite like this perfume, though it's not one I would usually go for. If my mum prefers it she can have it!

So all in all, not as extravagant as the first box, however this was sort of to be expected.  The whole Glossy Box concept is still a relatively new one; it will take a while before more beauty and cosmetic companies and brands are willing to get on board and provide sample products, while the company proves itself (or not, whichever the case may be)...

Slightly annoying point; my name was removed from my box!  Probably in transit, but still a bit weird that my name was on a removable sticker?

I do believe (as many others do) that it would be better for all their customers if Glossy Box could set a date for taking the £10 payment and also a date for despatch.  The lack of emails from the company is a bit unsettling, and if you don't follow them on Twitter then you basically could hear nothing about your box from one month to the next!  Also new customers joining the subscription at the minute are being told that they will not receive their first box until August, or possibly September?  There should be some sort of cut-off date for signing up, or at least a notice stating which months are sold out before people sign up.

Finally, on Friday, when Twitter was going berserk with unhappy Glossy Box recipients, they announced that from September onwards, the boxes will be £10 per month, plus £2.95 shipping!  Not what people expected, and a bad time to announce this change.  However, if the July and August boxes hold peoples' interest, then no doubt they won't lose too many subscribers.  

There is already talk though, of a new company, Boudoir Privé, who plan to launch on 1st July.  They will provide a similar subscription too, except with 6 luxury samples per month.  I have already signed up to see what all the fuss is about..... what?! I need something to cheer me up when I have no job!!

Anyways, that was longer than I had anticipated.  If you are at all interested, here is my video on the whole matter


Sophie - Country girl said...

I think it looks like a pretty good selection, and if samples is what you signed up for then I don't see why anyone would be disappointed with sample sizes. I guess maybe the first month's box got people over excited?!!

A Certain Vintage said...

Was dying to hear a good balanced review on the glossy box 2. The first one really did just peak hopes too much, it's still got some pretty good products in there! I would love to give it a go, going to see if I can try the boudoir prive box first i think!

Danni said...

Every time I read about Glossy Boxes I do get a little pang of jealousy! I can understand people's frustration at the Batiste sample for not being top end, but I think it's nice of them to give festival season a little nod, and it is a bloomin good brand of dry shampoo! Let's hope they don't spoil things for themselves with all of this postage nonsense - that's awful! x