Saturday, 18 June 2011

Gotta Love A Giveaway! **NOW CLOSED!**

**This Giveaway is closed**

I recently reached 100 followers and began buying pieces for a giveaway - since then I have obtained 36 more, so hello everyone! :)

Now I am finally getting this giveaway up!  I hope you like the items I picked - everything was bought and paid for by me.  So here's what you can win...

Sleek i-Divine Original Palette, China Glaze 'Lighthouse' Nail Polish, OPI 'Rosy Reflection' Nail Polish, Soap & Glory Girligo Moisturiser, Miners Sun Blushed Duo, necklace from my favourite jewellery shop.

This necklace is from my favourite local jewellery shop, Connie's Crafts. It sells beautiful, handmade jewellery and is my go-to shop when I need some new bling!  This necklace has black and clear stones with three large marbled stones.  It was the last one on display of this type, otherwise I'd have got one for myself too!

I thought this OPI Nail Polish 'Rosy Reflection' was gorgeous; a metallic, dusky pink colour.

I bought this China Glaze Nail Polish in 'Lighthouse' a few weeks ago (read the post here) and it's fab, so I got another one for the winner!

I have one of the Soap & Glory Girligo Spray-on Body Moisturising Mists and it's really lovely; a fresh, girly scent and not heavy or greasy on the skin.  A good size to take with you if you're travelling too.

I got the Sleek i-Divine Original Palette for the giveaway as I've heard so many good thing about it; I didn't have enough to buy one for myself otherwise I would have, so you guys had priority!!  This also means I can't show you the inside, as I don't want to open it! For a look at the eye shadows, click here.

I have been using the Miners Sun Blushed Duo for a while now and really like it as my everyday blusher.  I thought I would include one in this giveaway so that someone else has the chance to try it.

So those are the prizes that will all go to one lucky winner!

Before you enter, please first of all read...

The Rules:
-  This giveaway is open internationally (please note that if the winner lives in the UK the prize will be sent recorded delivery for peace of mind, however if the winner lives outside the UK, this will not be possible)
-  You 
must be a follower of my blog using GFC.
-  Leave a comment on this post saying what posts you prefer to read on my blog, or what you would like to see more of.  Please state your name on GFC and an email address so I can contact you. (1 entry)

Additional Entries:
-  Follow me on Twitter AND tweet about this giveaway - 
I entered the @gottaloveatrier 100 Follower Giveaway! #gottaloveagiveaway (+1 entry)
-  Put my giveaway picture (above) in your blog side bar and link it to this giveway. (+2)
-  Write a blog post about this giveaway including the above picture and a link. (+3)

So if you do all of the above options, you will have 7 entries!  If you do any of the additional entry methods please state which in your comment and leave any relevant links.  I cannot stand unfairness and cheating so I will check that you have followed the rules.

This giveaway ends at noon UK time on Saturday 9th July 2011.  The winner will be selected using  My decision is final.  Happy entering :)

P.S.: May I emphasise, that you MUST leave a comment on this post as in accordance with the above listed rules!! I have noticed several tweets regarding this giveaway that do not have a corresponding comment - tweets will not count unless you also commented on this post!


Anonymous said...

Such a fab giveawy v generous! I'm followinf via GFC as Nicola (@NicsNotebook) I always like to see review posts, makeup looks and even just general life chatter lol!! Have tweeted link also... ( xx

xXxStundonxXx said...

Fab giveaway, enter me please :)
That necklace is adorable! I wanna go to that shop!

I tweeted!/xXxStundonxXx/status/82055954648154113


cornflakegirl said...

Lovely giveaway hun. My favourite posts are reviews, FOTDs & a round up of some fav products (monthly fav posts & such)


confessionsofamakeupaholic said...

Congrats on reaching so many followers :)

I love OOTD's, FOTD's, reviews and just general rambles!

I tweeted too :) @Dee90x

Amy said...

Enter me please :)

I'd love to see more outfit posts :) I like seeing what you've worn to work - it gives me inspiration as to what I can wear!

GFC: Amy

Jenna Suth said...

Well Done :)
I love seeing your OOTDs :)


joe said...

i like seeing hauls and reviews of drugstore products:)

gfc: tastebudtickler

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

I love OOTD posts :).

Enter me please:

Sadie xx

Sarah said...

Following through GFC (Sarah-Louise Bailey) (

I love reading you review posts, it's nice to know what people think of products before you buy them yourself, and having independ reviews is always so useful!

Follow you on twitter and have tweeted :!/Selene1611/status/82081280736497664


amelia_avossa said...

I like seeing makeup on before and afters once they have been applied, also swatches of them on hands ect.
enter me

Charli said...

Done all of the above apart from a post!
I like all of them to be honest, because you mix up everything...and your YT vids :)x

SiSi Sparkles said...

Congrats hun!!

ooo that Sleek palette... want!
I'd love to see more swatches on your blog ^.^

Thanks for the chance to win.
I'm following you via GFC: SiSi Sparkles


SiSi Sparkles said...

Also following on Twitter, I'm @SiSiSparkles

Tweeted: I entered the @gottaloveatrier 100 Follower Giveaway! #gottaloveagiveaway


Poppy Jane said...

This is so sweet of you to do a giveaway, I hope whoever wins really appreciates what you've put into it. So kind of you.

I'd love to be entered into this giveaway and I do love to read pretty much all of your posts although my favourites are your reviews as they tend to be really detailed and trustworthy.

On GFC I'm listed as Poppy Jane and my email is

Thank you for entering me.

Much Love

Beautyshades said...

I follow you as beautyshades.
I would like to read about beauty bargains. Thanks

Sophie - Country girl said...

I follow you on GFC. My fave posts of yours are outfit based. But I do love everything else you post too!

Sophie - Country girl said...

And I have just tweeted.
Fab giveaway :)

Keelin said...

hi :) i would love if you made a makeup collection <3

Dσmιηιкα said...

What a gorgeous giveaway! I love that OPI nailpolish! ♥
I love seeing your OOTDs!

xoxo, Dominika

Susan said...

Fab fab fab :D xx

GFC - Susy
Email - smcghee84(at)hotmail(dot)com

The Beauty Group™ said...

Gfc: the beauty group


Hannah. said...

This is lovely! :)
I love OOTD's and reviews! :D They're fab!

GFC - hannah. (+1)
Twitter and tweeted as @Hannah_Paton

thank you very much! :)


aprettyobsession said...

Ahhhhmaaazing give away hon love it thanks so much

I love your favourites cos you really tell it how it is and are so honest in your reviews

Gonna tweet it now for you too xx

Charli said...

More of Lauren please :) I like the mix of your posts!!
tweeted and follow on twitter @charli008
done a sidebar picture too!

Laura said...

i love the two OPI nailvarnishes!
GFC: Laura

KellyCake said...

Hey hun great giveaway i love your favourite posts your so honest and frank.
Will do all the bits and bobsxx

Jasmine1485 said...

I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485 :)

I like to read outfit posts and tutorials, I'd like to see posts about technique as well because I'm not very good at putting on makeup :P

I'm following you on Twitter (@NTFancy) and I tweeted about it:

kate1485 at

Ana M. said...

I'm a follower of your blog using GFC and I love reviews, how-tos, hairstyle tutorials and makeup looks!

GFC name: spider girl
Email: techiespidergurl at gmail dot com

Additional Entry:
I'm following you on Twitter (@techspidergirl)AND tweeted about this giveaway here:!/techspidergirl/status/85362006982541313


Angie said...

Follow with GFC (Angie). I'm a huge Urban Decay and Concrete Minerals fan so I'd love to stay up to date on them
angiewith3 at live dot com

Angie said...

Follow you on twitter as @angiewith3 and RT'd giveaway:!/angiewith3/status/85422207496503296

angiewith3 at live dot com

G A B Y said...

Hi Lauren!

I follow as G A B Y and I would like to see more hauls as these are my favorite posts to read (:

I follow you on Twitter and I tweeted:!/GabyFauchon/status/85481240291057665

I have put your giveaway picture on my sidebar:

And I posted your giveaway here:

Thank you!

Rachel said...

Enter me, please! Thank you! :)

It'd be great to see more budget friendly cosmetics & skin care lines. :)

Name/GFC: Rachel Villanueva
Twitter: followed you as outdoor_kitty

Anonymous said...

GFC: Janinay

I'd love to see Korean products, both skin care and makeup!

+1 Tweeted:!/janinegenious/status/86045716757225472

+2 Sidebar:

Cocovanilla said...
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jessnghc said...

GFC: jessnghc
i like to see your make up review coz it make me more understand about the product.
i hv follow u on twitter: jessng1
i hv it on my blog~



baobeimonv said...

Hi~i would like to see more make up tutorial as i want to improve my make up skill~
Thanks your giveaway~

XX baobeimonv XX

micia said...

Hi new follower, I saw some video, I like.

GFC micia
Twitter @micia18
Blog post

SweetShenanigans said...

GFC follower as SweetShenanigans
girl23rocks at hotmail dot com
I like to read brand comparisons posts
twitter follower @Alliegal101 and tweeted:!/Alliegal101/status/86546030627274753
added to my sidebar:

Miss S said...

Enter me
GFC: Miss S
I wud luv to see OOTDs on the blog

Irina said...

This really is a great giveaway, I would love to try everything!
I follow you via GFC as irina and my email address is

I really like your OOTD posts, you have great taste.

I follow on twitter as love_muffin and I tweeted!/love_muffin/status/86879220353073152

I also blogged here

Nermy said...

GFC: nermeen mohamed
e-mail: nermeen1899 at hotmail dot com
what i love in ur blog : swatches, hauls and outfit of the day :D

Reika Amakura said...

**enter me**

gfc: dark_oracle21

I would like to see more about eyeshadow palettes. Hope you review something that's affordable but good. (Is there such??)

**extra: added it to sidebar (+2)

Ruth said...

GFC: Ruth

Following you on Twitter: RuthGBCN

I would love to see some nail art tutorials!


Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...

PLEASE enter me! I am following your blog on GFC
and My Name is Hershley's Sweet Kiss! My Email address is: hersh sweet kiss dot gmail com
I added your giveaway to my sidebar at :

I love reviews on products from other countries. We see the same things all the time her in US. Its nice to follow someone with new products especially if the company ships internationally.

MSodapop said...

Cute giveaway!
Enter me please <3
GFC follower: MSodapop
I follow you on twitter: MSodapop1
I tweeted:!/MSodapop1/status/87367212289101824
I blogged:

Anonymous said...

awesome :)
GFC; xyoulovekarlene

Anamarija T said...

Gfc name: Anamarija T
mail: marisssa86 (at)gmail DOT com

I like to read "What's in my bag", posts about current cosmetics hits:)

Put a pic in my sidebar here

And tweeted here:!/marisssa86/status/87510469983731712



Adrienne said...

Please include me :) I follow via gfc as adrienne and on bloglovin :)
I enjoyed todays monday round up but I also enjoy your o.o.t.d's and youtube vids, I dunno what to say other than keep up the good work :)

Off to tweet about this now and I will pop this in my sidebar in a wee minute.

Thanks and good luck to everyone! xxx

Lyse said...

Amazing prizes!!
GFC: Lyse
Email: lyselara_th(@)
I'm following you in twitter and I posted on it:
I would like to read more posts about eyeshadow looks.

Sarah said...

I like any sort of 'of the day' posts. :)
GFC Sarah/Saloule, I should really figure that out! Haha


Opal Stevens said...

Great Giveaway!!! opalstevensblog (at) gmail DOT com

+1 I follow via gfc as Opal Stevens
+1 Followed on twitter and tweeted!/opalstevens/status/87912142015172608

Karen F said...

I am a gfc follower. Always love to see more giveaways!
KarenatMommysMoments at gmail dot com

Jasna said...

Hi :) I love to read reviews about beauty products :)
GFC name: jasna
I follow you on twitter: jasna_p
I tweeted:!/jasna_p/status/87914487553863681

Elenita said...

enter me please!
GFC: Elenita

I love your OOTD and reviews! :)

Espiral said...

Hi =)

I love OOTD's =)

gfc - Espiral

Marina said...

GFC: Marina D
mail: isollea at gmail dot com

I love to read your posts about favorite products, because I put that on my list immediately :) I would definitely like to see more outfit posts!

bambaki83 said...

Hi from Spain!!

I´d like to read haul and reviews posts, are very interesting for me.

GFC name: bambaki83
Email: mimica69(at)hotmail(dot)com

I follow u on twitter as @bambaki83 (Miriam Rivas) and I tweeted about your giveaway here:!/bambaki83/status/88599869916319744


Laura's Blog said...

helloooo :)

i love hauls! :)

GFC:lauras blog


i just tweeted - @lora_505


MagalufLady said...

GFC: MagalufLady

I have literally just tweeted about the giveaway under MagalufLady

I will pop this into my sidebar once I have submitted this comment

I love hauls because I'm nosey and get to know the blogger posts as I like to know who I'm reading about :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren :)
This is an awesome giveaway!

I would like to see more beauty reviews on your blog. I'm a beauty products junkie and I love to read this kind of stuff :)

I follow you on GFC as Allie
My email :

Analy said...

GFC: Analy Rodriguez

I prefer to see nails and product reviews.

Following as analy_r on Twitter

Katherine said...

I love product reviews and recommendations :)

GFC: Katherine

Anonymous said...

I would love to see more tutorials and giveaways. :)

GFC: malkatz


Anonymous said...

I follow on Twitter and tweeted:!/giveawaygirlie/status/88896131500744704


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...




caty said...

My favourite posts are reviews
GFC catymariposina
Twitter @mariposinacate
Blog post

denise cattoi said...

Hi! I am from Brazil!!!!
so lovely giveaway! enter me please!!!

follower using GFC: Denise Cattoi

Additional Entries:
TW: @denisecattoi!/denisecattoi/status/89006048429621248

Kristina said...

GFC: Kristina
Email: krunnil(at)gmail(dot)com
I love seeing hauls!

Aoife said...

Hello lovely! Great giveaway! Id like to see more OOTD posts!!

I follow you via GFC: Aoife/Fashion Turn to the Right
I follow you on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway!: @Nooonabean
My email is

:) xx

Anonymous said...

GFC: Ana
Twitter: ana_desyre


MakeeUp4Lifeee said...

Hey thanks for this giveaway! i'd love to see more reviews or collection posts!
I followed you via CFC~ Makeeup4lifeee
I posted about this~

Kris Beauty said...

Hi :). Awesome giveaway!

- I follow you on GFC as Kris Beauty
- I would like to see more recipies and "Outfit of the day" kind of posts
- Email :
- I follow you on Twitter @Kris_Beauty
- I tweeted about this :!/Kris_Beauty/status/89438804712243200
- I have this in my sidebar :
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Alessia said...

I follow you via GFC as Alessia
I love your review posts :)
alelale at live dot com

Additional entries:
- I follow you on twitter as @Aljsa, tweeted here:!/Aljsa/status/89446151639674880

- I also put your giveaway on my sidebar blog:

- I wrote a blog post:

thank you

Anything but your average 16 year old girl said...

I'd love to see more OOTD posts!


Thank you so much! <3

Bec said...

Enter me please!

GFC: Bec
I would love to see more nail polish swatches. :)

Followed you on twitter: @wednesdei


KawaiiBarbie said...

GFC: Kawaii Barbie


Reviews are the best. It's always helpful to find out what I need to know about the product before making purchases.

Jenny said...

following via GFC - perfectflaw__
tweeted -!/avyoni/status/89574648836132864

email - perfectflaw__[at]

I'd like to see more hauls and reviews because those are the posts I find most interesting :)

cinziar86 said...

thanks alot 4 this giveaway...please neter me!
i follow u via GFC as lucibel11
i like reviews of makeup products u use.

Olga said...

Please enter me!
I follow as Olga via GFC
Please do more nailpolish swatches

JaeRi said...

Thank you for this giveaway!

I follow you via GFC under the name of JaeRi :D

About what posts I like to read.. Well, I like when you try some nail polishes or makeup products so that's also why I would like to see you post about it more often n_n

I'm following you on Twitter and tweeted about this giveaway, check here!/JaeRi_

You are also on my blog sidebar :D

Here is my post about this giveway

Emmybear411 said...

THANK YOU so much this is AMAZING i follow you via gfc emmybear411 I LOVE your nail polish posts and would LOVE to see more my e-mail is THANK YOU:)!!!