Friday, 3 June 2011

Knitwear Or Not Wear?

Hey everyone!  It's finally Friday!  I am off work today as I was at the Tommy Tiernan stand up show in Belfast last night and today I'm getting my hair done and doing some shopping in the big smoke!

Today I would like to introduce you to the John Smedley website, who provide designer knitwear.  Considering the fact that it is designer, I would say it is rather affordable. (though sadly, a bit outside my personal budget at the minute due to impending unemployment, which is a shame as I really would love to purchase something!)

I know that when looking for "investment" items of clothing, it's the quality that matters, and this is often reflected in the price tag ("It's not about the money, money, money....") and so in my opinion, the prices of these items should be an illustration of the quality and longevity of the clothing.  John Smedley says:

"Each garment is hand crafted at our mill in England, ensuring the utmost care and attention goes into every single piece. Over 30 careful hand processes are expertly carried out to create each beautiful piece of men's knitwear. We only use the finest ingredients of New Zealand Merino Wool, and John Smedley's Sea Island Cotton, which resonates throughout the incredibly soft, comfortable fit."

Well... how many other brands do you know that can claim each item is hand crafted using 30 different processes?!  My point exactly.  They have a large range of mens knitwear that includes sweaters, cardigans, socks and scarves.  Here are a few that caught my boyfriend's eye...

The Blackwell Cardigan is a simple piece in a versatile sandy, stone shade that would smarten up any jeans and shirt (or even white t-shirt) combination.  I admit this choice surprised me, I didn't think my boyfriend would ever choose a cardigan from the vast array of shirts and jumpers, but I suppose men are full of surprises!  This is definitely a classic piece.

Blackwell Long Sleeved Cardigan
He also liked the look of this Bradford polo shirt, and I must admit this looks so comfortable!  Not overly warm for late Spring/early Summer either... well, in Ireland anyway!
Bradford Polo Shirt
From the selection of mens polo shirts he again surprised me with the colourful, striped Alen shirt.  Again, this is a staple piece, yet one that brings a bit of colour to an outfit and could be dressed up or down.

Alen  Polo Shirt
As for me, I found it hard to choose from the selection of women's knitwear; so many versatile items that look so soft and comfortable!  I love the Sapphira dress made from Merino wool.  The colour is stunning, one of my favourites, and it would be great for work or a more formal occasion.  Plus it just looks so damn comfy!
Sapphira Merino Wool Dress
As for this Luna Shawl... I love the name, I love the simplicity and basically I want to snuggle in to this
Luna Shawl
Hopefully this post will have made you consider the benefits of fantastic quality knitwear as opposed to the usual cheapies from the high street that get holes under the arms within a week!  If you know of any aspiring designers or fashion fanatics, it is also worth noting that several Universities offer courses specialising in knitwear, and as a market that will always be in demand, it makes me wonder why I chose the route I did!  A career in designer knitwear sounds much more glamorous!

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Sophie - Country girl said...

I have to say I love knitwear. That Sapphira dress is a beautiful shape and colour, love it!

daisychain said...

that dress is utterly stunning!

Hazel said...

I have a bit of a thing for scarves and this Luna one is fantastic... the colour you've shown here is, in my opinion, the best combination.

I have often fallen into the trap of buying cheaper knitwear only to then have it bobble or lose it's shape within a few washes.

Thank you for the introduction :)