Friday, 10 June 2011

More for the Menfolk

Today I have another suggestion for kitting out the menfolk in yours lives!  This large selection of Ralph Lauren Poloshirts

I have always liked the name of this brand.... I wonder why....

With Fathers' Day quickly approaching (19th June!) this could be an idea for a present.  I know that my dad, for one, is not known for going shopping for himself, and always appreciates a nice item of clothing as a present.  You will see that are currently offering 10% these shirts, which is a great saving on the items.  My father has simple tastes, which have led me to the following....

First up, a classic black polo.  Can be worn on practically any occassion, with any colour and any type of trousers... you cannot go wrong, surely?!  This could also be worn on the golf course, for his weekly round with "the lads" (or rather, my uncles) and not raise any eyebrows:

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt, Black Custom Fit Polo T-Shirt

My next choice is rather similar, however I believe that purple is an underrated colour for mens' shirts.  I, personally, detest men in pink shirts - just don't do it, lads.  My dad does have one... I think my step-mum bought it to try and trendy him up!  Purple however, is different without making you look like  a candyfloss and so for that I prefer it:

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt, Lilac Purple Custom Fit Big Pony Polo T-Shirt

However, there are the elusive few men in the world who love a bit of colour (whether for co-ordinating or clashing, it remains to be seen) and aren't afraid to make a statement with their clothing.  If you have such a rare specimen in your life, you might treat him to this candy striped delight:

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts, Navy Pink Striped Polo Shirt, Custom Fit Polo
 If any dads out there own this, and suitably rock it, I salute you!

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Imogen said...

I love Ralph Lauren polo shirts, definitely one of my favourites for men.