Wednesday, 8 June 2011

NOTD: China Glaze "White Cap"

I spied this China Glaze "White Cap"  nail polish in Sally's the other day... and I can't resist a bit of China Glaze!  This colour looked so pretty and unusual, plus it was the last bottle of it in the shop, so I snapped it up.

It is a milky white colour, infused with minute gold flecks.  In the bottle it almost looks holographic, with a gold/green tinge to it:

On the nail, I must admit, I found the colour itself quite disappointing.  It looks mostly like a gold sheen on my nails, with very little white.  The white is more prominent in these photos than it is in real life.  It took three coats to achieve this opacity:

However it is very pretty, and a nice change; a good colour when you want to paint your nails but don't want anything too noticeable or OTT.  It isn't at all gritty, as you might expect with the flecks of glitter, so hopefully it shouldn't be a pain to remove!

I have another China Glaze colour from the Anchors Away collection to show you soon!  Can't wait to try it.

Yesterday I put a new video on my YouTube Channel; a Two Weeks Later Review of the May GlossyBox items.  If you're interested, you can watch it here.

Don't forget to enter my Sigma F80 Brush Giveaway that went up yesterday!  You'd be mad not to try and get your hands on that brush!  I am also going to post another giveaway after the Sigma one is closed, to celebrate reaching 100 followers, so keep an eye out for that too!

I have messed about with my blog width and so had to make a new, wider header... what do you guys think?  Is it ok, or did you prefer it narrower?  Let me know!


Brandon said...

Nice post! Cool blog too!

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If you want, follow it. I'll follow yours as well. Take care! :)

daisychain said...

Ohh I can imagine that making a lovely top coat!

Sophie - Country girl said...

I agree with Laura, I think it would be great as a top coat, but I like it on its own too.
I like the new blog format and header too. Looking good!