Wednesday, 15 June 2011

NYC Series - Part 1

This is my first post on the NYC products I received recently.  As there is such a large selection, I have decided to break it down into categories and make it a mini-series of posts on the brand.  So first up we have...

An overview and my first impressions of the face products I received!
(L - R) Skin Matching Foundation, Cover Stick, Cheek Glow, Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder
Skin Matching Foundation - 'Light'

When I tested this foundation, I had fake tan on which I'd applied two days previously, so I was slightly darker than my natural pale blue colour.  This foundation claims to have adapting technology, but I am always slightly dubious about those claims.

When I first applied it on my face, it looked a bit too light for me, which is definitely a first!  However I did find that the shade 'calmed down' and blended to match my skin reasonably well.

I also liked the smell of this - it reminded me of talcum powder.  Not at all the usual foundation scent.

The texture is creamy and slightly thick, which I prefer over watery/runny liquid foundations.  I applied it on one cheek for the below photo:

It really doesn't look like I am wearing foundation at all!  It is very natural and I thought it matched my skin very well, especially after looking at this photo.  You would be hard pushed to notice that I have any product on at all.  However, in that respect it reminds me more of a tinted moisturiser, as the coverage was light-medium.  I have some hyper-pigmentation on my jawline at the minute and it didn't cover it much, so for that reason I prefer a more heavy-duty foundation.  After a few minutes, the remaining swatch on my hand went a bit funny though, it seemed to have formed a 'skin' and when I rubbed it, it peeled away!

This foundation would be a good option for those who prefer light-medium coverage, a natural finish and a reasonable price tag! :)

Cover Stick - 'Light'
To accompany my foundation, I also received a concealer cover stick in 'Light'.  It looks a bit sweaty in this photo, I'd left it sitting in the direct sunlight coming through my window while I reviewed the foundation, and when I picked this up the poor lad had obviously got too warm!

I thought that it felt a bit oily at first, however this may just be because I'd made him sweat for a few minutes! It was quite creamy and easy to apply, as well as matching my skin quite well.

In the left photo below I've circled the areas where I had just dabbed the cover stick, and on the right you can see that after blending, it was barely noticeable on the skin.  I was having a good skin day at the time though, so I can't comment yet on how it would cover major spots; it may be too light coverage.

Again, a decent offering from NYC and definitely worth a look.

Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder -'Bronze Gold'

I think this is going to be one of my favourite NYC items!  I love this duo; a gorgeous terracotta brown bronzer, plus a slightly shimmery gold highlight!  What a fantastic combination, I think it would look especially lovely on tanned skin (little chance of getting that naturally in NI!)

The bronzer is a very natural, wearable shade.  I had to swatch quite heavily on my hand in the photo below, however I don't necessarily believe that this is a bad quality for a bronzer to have; less chance of overloading on product and looking ridiculous!  This is more likely to give you a natural looking colour and would be great for contouring.  You then have the subtle gold highlight for emphasising your cheekbones, and I think it would also look wonderful dusted over your collarbone or décolletage!

Cheek Glow - 'Central Park Pink'

This cheek glow looks absolutely lovely in the pan, and I was so excited to get swatching at it.  A pale, dusky pink that seemed to promise a natural warmth for my cheeks...

I must admit, I never use the brushes that come with blushes like this, unless I have it out and about with me and can't carry my usual large blush brush.  This was the most disappointing of the face products, for me... I could barely tell there was any colour on my hand, despite swatching it heavily with my finger.  I also then tried to add more to the swatch using the brush provided, but it had no effect.  Can you tell where the colour is on my hand?
I used some on my cheek but the result wasn't worth a photo - I could barely tell where I'd applied it.  This may be because of the fact that I had no foundation on at this point, or perhaps due to my fake tan, however my hand wasn't very tanned in the above photo... so all in all not a blush for me, sadly.  This may be a great product for those with very pale skin tones, who only require the most subtle addition of colour, or perhaps for those who are only starting out with blusher and are afraid of brighter pinks, however it had little effect for me personally.

I hope you enjoyed this post and perhaps it has encouraged you to have a look at the New York Color stand in your local Superdrug!  Have you tried any NYC items before?  See you for the next edition in the NYC series!


Leanne Marie said...

Ooh i love the look of the bronzer! Love two in one products! :-)

Ive always bypassed the NYC stand in superdrug. Maybe ill take a look now!


daisychain said...

Fab post, I've overlooked them lately, I used to use NYC a lot.

Sophie - Country girl said...

I'm thinking of getting a bronzer (never had one before, weird I know!) so I might pick up one of these. I don't mind taking a chance on a low price item!

Grace said...

Bronzer looks amazing! I'm gonna keep an eye out for that! Great blog :) xx

Hazel said...

i have to admit that i am a little stuck in my ways when it comes to my make up bag, i have products that i know and love and rarely try anything new. if anything i would try the bronzer as i like the fact that it has two colours so you can tailor your depth of colour