Tuesday, 21 June 2011

NYC Series – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 in my New York Color Series! Today the products in question are those for…
Here is an overview of the three lip products I was sent to try:
(L-R) Liquid Lipshine, Kiss Gloss, Ultra Last Lipwear
 I am very impressed with them overall. So, let’s get down to the specifics!…

Liquid Lipshine – ‘Brighton Beach Peach’

This lipshine is a gorgeous pink-ish peach gloss with a slight hint of shimmer. It smells like vanilla or toffee, similar to BarryM lip wands, and the scent is light and not sickly. The gloss isn’t at all sticky, it glides on smoothly and adds a beautiful, peachy slick of colour to the lips. I can honestly say that this is now one of my favourite lip glosses and has made its way in to my everyday make up bag! As mentioned in yesterday’s post, this gloss over my MAC Shy Girl lipstick is my new favourite lip combination. Very pleased with this! I was in Superdrug yesterday and saw that these retail in Superdrug for a bargainous £2.99! I know I will be stocking up on some more colours from their large selection.

Kiss Gloss – ‘Murray Hill Melon’

This tube of gloss looks a vivid hot pink, which I thought I’d never get away with wearing at first, however when applied it is actually very wearable, and only gives a slight hint of colour to your lips. These tubes are my least favourite lipgloss applicators, though! The product has a nice, fruity scent to it, and is slightly thicker and stickier in consistency than the Liquid Lipshine. It does give a fantastic shine and gloss to the lips though! These are also available in a selection of shades and are £1.59 each!

Ultra Last Lipwear Lipstick – ‘Blue Rose’

I am nothing if not honest; this blue toned fuchsia pink lipstick terrified me at first!!   I tend to steer clear of bright lip colours, as you probably know, and stick to nude lipsticks. Should I be totally honest here?… Aye why not; well basically, I really didn't expect much from this item. As a lipstick that retails for £1.49, my expectations were pretty low; I was having flashbacks to the lipsticks of my childhood, bought in the most garish colours available from my local chemist, that smelled like plastic and made your lips go all dry and flakey! So I must hold my hands up and admit that this lipstick totally surprised me and exceeded my expectations. It has a beautiful violet sheen, depending on the lighting, and is not drying on the lips at all; it’s lovely and creamy to apply. The colour is opaque and not for the faint-hearted. This would look stunning paired with the right eye make up, if you’re brave enough! Sadly the true colour was also mighty difficult to capture on camera, it’s much brighter in real life:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, as I have really enjoyed these lip products! I really do rate them and would definitely recommend that you try them too. Please let me know if you do! There are NYC stands in most Superdrugs so keep an eye out :) Oh, and lest I forget the obligatory hand swatch…
See you in Part 3 of my New York Color Series!


Sophie - Country girl said...

I love the look of the first gloss, really pretty. I used to wear all sorts of hideous lipsticks in my youth. Blue was a favourite for a long time. I've still got it in case I get tempted to reminisce.

Manda said...

Love both of the glosses!

I'd never really looked at the NYC collection until someone sent me an eyeshadow, may need to try some lip products!


Hannah Elizabeth said...

I really like the look of the first lipgloss, and at £2.99 you really can't go wrong can you!

Definitely will be checking out the rest of the NYC collection when I'm next in a Superdrug!

Great post and thanks for sharing :)

Hannah Elizabeth xx

Lauren said...

@Sophie - Blue?! You were worse than me perhaps!! I just remember buying bright pink lipsticks and the smeel of them, ugh!

@Manda - I really do rate these lip glosses and would def recommend trying them :)

@Hannah-Elizabeth - such good prices! Worth a look :) thanks for reading!

daisychain said...

I really, really love the fuschia lippie!

Poppy Jane said...

The first lipgloss looks so much prettier on than it does in the bottle, very pretty. I agree with the applicator on the second lipgloss, I get so annoyed with it. I've taken to using a cheap lip brush that I own to apply it, ends up being a lot smoother and nicer on.
I wanted to say that the hot pink lipstick looks fantastic on you (I thought the same with the glossy box red lipstick you wore) Bright lip colours really do suit you, you should definitely try them more often.

Much Love