Saturday, 25 June 2011

NYC Series - Part 3

For Part 3 of the NYC Series let's talk...

Fiona kindly sent me six nail varnishes to try; three from the Minute range and three from the Expert Last range.  Today I'll focus on the Minute range!  I have been very impressed by these polishes, overall...

(L-R) Spring Street, Greenwich Village, SoHo
These polishes promise, as one might imagine, to dry in a 'New York' minute!  I haven't timed them with a stopwatch or anything precise, but they do dry fairly fast; by the time I've given all my nails one coat, the first nail is dry enough for a second coat - about that fast!  They also have a great brush (should have taken a photo of it too - d'oh!) it's flat and quite wide, for really easy application.  The formulation and consistency of these polishes is great; thick but not gloopy or hard to work with.  I thought they went on really smoothly, with great pigmentation and most only needed one coat!

NYC Minute - 'Spring Street'
This deep tangerine shade is not a colour that I would usually choose for myself, however I am very glad that I was sent this polish, as I now love it.  The below photos were taken after only one coat of this polish!  Perfect if you are getting ready in a rush.  I wouldn't say it was totally opaque after one coat; two would be necessary for total coverage but as the photos illustrate, it looks very opaque after one and you could definitely achieve opacity in one coat if you apply it carefully.

NYC Minute - 'Greenwich Village'
This deep hot pink polish is gorgeous; not too girly a shade of pink, very slight purple undertones and really eye catching!  Another firm favourite of mine now. (It also looks beautiful with a matte topcoat over it, FYI)  Again, the below photos were taken after one coat:

NYC Minute 'SoHo'
This pale pink shade is the most 'everyday' wearable of the three, however this is the one I had the most bother with.  Not that it was highly bothersome, I just thought this polish was slightly less pigmented than the others.  Perhaps it's just the nature of a paler polish that you need at least two coats, though?  The below photo was taken after two coats, however I still felt that it wasn't totally opaque for me...

I applied a third coat and after this I felt it looked better, however so many coats extended the drying time a bit!  I find that this is the case with most nail polishes though:

So mainly a huge thumbs up from me for the NYC Minute nail polishes!  These are a very affordable £1.79 each and have a large selection of colours.  I am definitely going to buy some more for myself and these could possibly overtake BarryM Nail Paints in my favourites stakes... Watch this space!.  Have any of you tried these polishes?  If not, I highly recommend that you give them a go!

See you next time for some more NYC Series action!


xXxStundonxXx said...

They look fab, can't wait to try mine! xx

cornflakegirl said...

I love these polishes, I'm wearing MoMA today. It's a fab shocking pink colour.

Sophie - Country girl said...

cheap and quick drying, thats all I ask for! If I need any nail varnishes in the future I will def try these polishes.

The Beauty Group™ said...

The pink one looks lush! :)