Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Best Blog Award

I have been tagged for the Best Blog Award by the lovely Emmiloo. Check out her blog if you haven't already!


  Mention and link back the blogger/s who awarded you.
♥  Share 7 facts about you.
♥  Answer the following questions.
♥  Send this award to your favourite bloggers.

♥  I have never broken a bone. Let's hope I never do!
♥   I have really long toes which my friends make fun of. I can move my second toes independently from the rest and it freaks people out.
♥  I would love to go back in time to A-Levels and choose a totally different career path!
♥  I have been straightening my hair since I was about 13, which is 11 years. Any wonder it's totally frazzled.
♥  My first mobile phone was a BT Cellnet Phillips C12! Did anyone else have it?! It was black and chunky and could fit about five words at a time on the tiny screen!
♥  I was incredibly shy at school, and even at Uni. It wasn't until I went to Oxford for my post-grad year, where I knew absolutely no one and so had to be more outspoken, that I really 'came out of my shell' (daft phrase)
♥  I think my eyes are too close together.

♥  What is your favourite colour?  I say purple out of habit,
♥  What is your favourite song?  I really don't know. I love so many genres of music! Current favourite would be David Guetta Where Dem Girls At, an all time favourite is Metallica Outlaw Torn.
♥  What is your favourite dessert?  Banoffee, or chocolate and pear pudding!! Yum.
♥  What annoys you?  Ooh don't get me started! I'll go with rude people/no manners for now.
♥  When you’re upset you…  Have a wee cry. Then my skin breaks out in dermatitis. Yay.
♥  What is your favourite pet?  Cats! We've always had a cat in our house. I also love hamsters and mice.
 Black or white?  Black.
♥  What is your biggest fear? ~ Drowning... being conscious but knowing you have no choice but to inhale water... *shudders* Also sharks. I went on the Jaws ride at Universal Studios in my teens and could have vomited with fear. Coincidentally, I also have a vomit phobia. It gives me palpitations.
♥  What is your best feature?  My eyes I suppose, as they're really blue. Used to be my legs when I was a slim Jim!
 Everyday attitude? Friendly, polite and helpful. Or sometimes grumpy. You can't win them all.
♥  What is perfection?  There's no such thing. (auld cynic)
 What is your guilty pleasure?  I could eat pizza until it came out my ears. I also go for ages without eating chocolate and then have a massive binge and feel crap about it! Ah well.

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Charli said...

Thanks :)

blonde girl said...

such a well deserved award! congrats!

Sophie - Country girl said...

Oh thanks for the tag! I can't believe you've been straightening your hair for so long! I only straighten my hair very rarely and mine is in hideous condition. Checking out the other blogs now :)

Emmiloo said...

I'm pretty sure I had that horrible old phone too...had the little aerial bit sticking out? Very trendy lol. xoxo