Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Life's Ups and Downs

Hello all, apologies for the unplanned absence; had a weird few days!  

On Monday evening I found out that I had won a place on a one-day Make Up For Ever Workshop this Saturday! I was so pleased and am very excited to learn lots of new things, hopefully! It's in Dublin so I have one hell of a journey to make for it. Let's hope it's worth it!

I then had a job interview in Belfast on Tuesday morning, and my boyfriend drove me up for it.  I felt queasy and ill the whole car journey and just wanted to get the interview over with.  I had to do a 30 minute task (typing up minutes of a meeting, which I have never done before!) followed by the interview. Once it was over I felt decidedly better, and we went for lunch before heading home again. At 4.55pm my house phone rang, my mum answered and gave it to me - it was the man from my interview that morning, calling to offer me the job!! I could not believe it!! I still can't, actually. So, yeah, I have a job, apparently! It's a maternity cover role, but much better money than my last job and I start on 1st August so can relax and enjoy the rest of July. It is based in Belfast which is 55 miles away from me, so not sure yet whether I'll commute or have to make a move... eeek.

I am sick today, which is a bit rubbish but can't be helped.  Woke up with a swollen, painful throat and dragged myself to the local health centre at 9am for an emergency appointment; good old throat infection! Have a week of antibiotics now, how fun! At least I got them early I suppose.  What a mad few days it's been.

Here is what I wore to work for my last day, last Wednesday:
Blazer - Tesco
Dress - TK Maxx
Blouse & Scarf - Primark
I shouldn't have been buying anything in Belfast after my interview, but I couldn't resist calling in to Superdrug, as I don't know when I'll next get near one. I was looking for their Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser but they didn't seem to have any, so I got these instead:
(L-R) Deep Action Anti-Blemish Gel, Deep Action Cleansing Lotion, Witch Oil Control Foaming Face Wash
As you might tell, I am still having a time of it with my skin! On Monday a massive, painful spot appeared just under my lip, but didn't want to show it's head... I was really annoyed as I didn't want to be going to the interview on Tuesday with an ugly big spot, but I couldn't really do anything about it.  Sorry if this is disgusting, but it wasn't going to pop easily. I attacked it with a sterile needle, Clean & Clear cleansing lotion and alcohol; it stung like a b*****d but I couldn't just leave it. So although it dried it out and I could cover it with concealer for the interview, I wanted something to help clear up my skin as much as possible.  Hence, the above purchases.

I recently dropped my Witch Anti-Blemish stick and it rolled all across the floor so I needed to replace it, so I spied the Anti-Blemish Gel and got it. I will do a more in-depth review in a few weeks but so far this has been miraculous!! Maybe it was helped by my spot-attacking the night before which cleared it out a bit, but it's 24 hours later and all I have left of the huge spot is a red mark. Amazing.  I don't know why I got the Cleansing Lotion really, as I have most of my Clean & Clear stuff left! However if it's half as good as the gel I can't wait to try it. The Witch Face Wash seems good too, so I'm hoping my skin will be sorted soon!

This post was a bit of a ramble, but I just thought I'd update you all with the last few days! Take care!


Miss Educator said...

blouse is gorgeous girly and congratulations on job x

Poppy Jane said...

Congratulations on your new job! I'm so happy for you :)
Hope you have fun on your Make Up Forever Workshop, sounds like fun.

Much Love

Sophie - Country girl said...

Good news about your new job, even though its not ideal. 55 mile commute sounds a bit heavy, but more money is good and the employer will look great on a cv. I def need that anti blemish gel. My skin is hideous at the mo.

Please may I? said...

Great news about the job. So pleased for you.

X x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new job xxx

daisychain said...

Congrats on the job! And I love Witch skincare, total life saver!