Monday, 4 July 2011

Monday Montage #1

My version of a 'week in photos' post! :) I hope you all like it!  It was admittedly tough remembering to take enough photos for this!

1.  Lip Ice:  I bought this in a local chemist for 50p! The main packaging said "Lip Ice", which I'm sure I've heard about on blogs or somewhere before, but the actual lipbalm itself is in another language... Russian?  Bulgarian? Can anyone enlighten me?! This balm claims to be 'apple', however there's eff all apple about it really. I like it nonetheless; it's moisturising and easy to carry in my bag, plus ehhh 50p!

2.  Fluffy:  My cat. She wasn't well for a while, not eating properly and throwing up a lot (charming) but we didn't know what was wrong.  Last Sunday, when my whole family went on holidays, I found a lump on her side. A. Lump. Fearing the worst, I had a little cry, then told my boyfriend's mum the symptoms and asked if she's have a look at her.  (My boyfriend's mum is a vet, by the way)  She said it sounded like an abscess caused by a scratch or bite from another cat, so got an injection and antibiotics for her.  Fluffy almost went mad when she got an injection, didn't know what had hit her!  But that was the best way to get her treatment started and I've been squishing up 2 tablets every day since and hiding them in her food. She's almost 100% better now so a huge thanks to my boyfriend's mum :)

3.  Batiste Nude:  I won this in Cat's giveaway and it arrived last week.  Thanks so much Cat! Can't wait to try it!

4.  Bye Bye work:  Wednesday was my last day at work :( it was rather sad.  On Thursday I went in to clear out my office, which was kinda more sad, as it made it seem all the more real.  I find it hard to believe that I won't be in my office again... Oh dear.

5.  Missguided:  I ordered the Jessica Draped Cross Over 'Frankie' Dress from Missguided to try and cheer myself up on my last day of work; however when it arrived it did not cheer me up at all, sadly. I ordered size M/L , and I don't know what M/L is in Missguided land, but it's certainly not suitable for me.  The draping on the bust was awful, one side was too big and so didn't cling to me at all, it just hung down and looked dreadful. The material was also terrible quality, and clung to me like a second, unflattering skin.  It was inappropriately short too; I may be 5'8" but I'm no giant, so I imagine this would be too short for a lot of women. It's being returned, needless to say.  I have marked it as 'faulty' too, due to the weird draping at the front but no doubt they'll deem it fine and keep the postage money.  I am so disappointed, as I used to love Missguided, but my last few orders from them have been quite off putting.

6.  Healthy eating:  I have been making more of an effort with the healthy eating and all that.  Scrambled eggs (totally free range from my boyfriend's chickens!) plus all the pictured ingredients = totally tasty dinner.

7.  Cupcakes:  Oops. Well, we all deserve a treat now and then!  Recipe for the bad boys here.

I hope you liked my first 'Monday Montage' post!  Let me know your thoughts. I may change the photo layout as I'm not sure about this one, but it will do for now!


Sarah said...

Fresh just laid eggs from chickens taste AMAZING! Don't worry, I also join you in the ranks of the unemployed. :/ still trying to hang on to the student thing though! Ha


Adrienne said...

I really enjoyed this post and the photo layout was great. Aww your poor cat :( at least shes on the mend :) and i picked up a lip ice in bulgaria last year so maybe it is bulgarian haha! xx

Jessica said...

lip ice is really big in hong kong! :) i always pick up a few when i'm there. that isn't chinese though lol not very helpful sorry! xx

Please may I? said...

I imagine it was very sad on Thursday. Hope you find something soon.

X x

Lauren said...

@Sarah - it's good to have the student tag! I sadly, don't! :( ah well!

@Adrienne - she's much better thank goodness! I love Bulgaria, I never saw these when I was there, but the writing looks similar lol

@Jessica - no worries! They are good anyway!

@Please May I - Thanks so much, I hope so too. It's a new experience for me, I've worked since I was 14!!

Sophie - Country girl said...

I like your Monday Montage feature. I daren't look at the recipe again else I make those naughty cupcakes...!

Hazel said...

Very glad Fluffy is doing well.
Thursday must have been really hard, but just think of the exciting things to come... fingers crossed x