Monday, 11 July 2011

Monday Montage #2

1. Nando's:  After my job interview on Tuesday my boyfriend and I went to Nando's for lunch. I love Nando's, and would go there sometimes in Leicester and Oxford, but over here the nearest one is Belfast so I treat myself when I'm up there :) oh and did I mention that I got the job!! I did? Oh, sorry ;)

2. Penicillin:  On Wednesday I woke up with a raging sore throat and drove to the health centre at 9am in the hope of being seen quickly. Sure enough I have a throat infection and was given week of penicillin to pop. I feel a lot better now but Wednesday was awful. I hate antibiotics!

3. Bed & A Book:  This has always been one of my favourite combinations, and it was great to have an excuse to indulge! I finished this book in two or three days and am going to be reviewing it for Best magazine so I won't say too much yet!

4. Dublin:  On Saturday I made a trip to the Emerald Isle's capital city! I stayed with a friend in Belfast on the Friday night and got the bus from Belfast at 7am Saturday. It was an early start after not getting much sleep but the bus journey wasn't too bad. The view across the Liffey in the early morning sun was gorgeous.

5. Make Up For Ever:  I spent Saturday at the Make Up For Ever shop in Dublin, where they also do make up courses.  I was lucky enough to win a one day workshop through Facebook competition, worth €150 (£133). We learned how to do a daytime look and a night look, tried out a range of the MUFE products and got a mini brush set worth 55 (£48) to take home. We don't have any MUFE shops in NI so it was great to try the products; I only wish I wasn't totally broke after the journey down and the crap exchange rate (€40 cost me £38.83!! joke) as I could have bought loads.

6. Antrim .v. Limerick:  After the make up course I met my boyfriend and his family who had drove down for the hurling match (I'll let you figure out which county we support!!) that evening. His brother plays for the county so we got complimentary tickets. It was mad; the other supporters outnumbered us completely, about 1000 of them against 50 of us! We got beaten badly and we're out of the championship. Oh dear.

7. Arty Photo:  I'll bet the rest of the hurling fans thought I'd lost my marbles when I started taking photos of the sky during the match. Well, I saw a nice photo and I didn't want to let the opportunity pass by!

I hope you've all had a good week :)


Marina said...

You got the job?? Congratulations!!!

daisychain said...

Antibiotics always make me feel worse...get properly well soon.

I have never been to Nandos :(

and congrats again on the job :)


Sophie - Country girl said...

I've not heard of MUFE, but then I'm a makeup dunce anyway. Sounds like a great day but pretty pricy. I've not been to a Nandos but then I don't eat out much really.

xXxStundonxXx said...

Congrats on the job :) xx

Please may I? said...

Congrats on the job. Hope you back to full health now.

X x

Imogen said...

Congratulations on the job! I am so happy for you.

JadeyLou said...

Yay congratulations on the job!
My Grandad used to play for Antrim back in the day! x

dannithegirl said...

Hope your throat gets better!

Is the book any good? Let me know cos I'm after a new read! xx

Bonnie said...

I am so uber jealous of your Make Up For Ever workshop! I mean, I'm super stoked for you but super jealous at the same time!
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