Thursday, 21 July 2011

More E.L.F. Goodies

Last week E.L.F. had another free shipping code (for orders of £10 and over) so I thought I'd treat myself. As you do. The conflict of having no job and no money seems to be that I want to buy everything. Pah. I spent about £16 altogether, as my order also contained a HD Powder (not pictured here) that I got for my mum. Just 'cos :)

Blending Eye Brush & Eyeshadow Brush:

These brushes were £1.50 each. I already have the blending eye brush, which I love, so I figured having a back up is a good idea, especially for the price. I thought I may as well give the eyeshadow brush a try too.

Cream Eyeliner: 

I had been itching to try this eyeliner in black after hearing several rave reviews on it, but it seemed to be out of stock for ages. The free shipping code appeared not long after E.L.F. got lots of items back in stock, including this. Wahey! We have lift off. It was £3.50 and comes with this little brush. I did the swatches below on my hand just to get a feel for the consistency and the brush, but I have yet to use it on my eyes as I'm not wearing much make up at the minute (damn painting!). Initial thoughts: the eyeliner seems smooth and creamy, but I wasn't a huge fan of the brush.

Eyelid Primer Collection:

This Eyelid Primer Collection is one of the latest items that E.L.F. have started selling, the introductory price being £3.50. I figured that this was a great price for three eyelid primers, as the regular eyelid primer, which I have just ran out of and love, is £1.50 on its own.

I recently saw a post on Rachel's blog saying that she thought the eyelid primer formula had changed recently, so I was slightly wary about it. The packaging is definitely different; my previous one was more sleek looking with a rubbery feeling top, this one is just plastic. As you can see from the photos, the text was already slightly rubbed off the champagne one.

As regards formula, the nude shade seemed ok when I swatched it but I have yet to wear it on my eyelids, so I will have to see. The pearl and champagne shades however... oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. Dry and chalky as soon as I opened the tubes. Not creamy in the slightest and I would be surprised if they held my eyeshadow at all. So this item was a bit disappointing.

I have learned that with E.L.F. that items are truly hit or miss. I adore their HD powder, the blending brush, and the mist and set, however if the item turns out to be a miss, it really is a dud. You live and you learn!

What E.L.F. items have you been rating or hating lately?


daisychain said...

I get on really well with the primer and also the brushes. Not such a fan of the eyeshadows and blushes.

Sophie - Country girl said...

I really ought to invest in a primer, I'm so sick of smudging my eyes!