Thursday, 14 July 2011

NOTD: BarryM #305 'Pink Flamingo'

Hi everyone,

I have been really busy the last few days.  I went on Monday to my "local" (17 miles away) Jobs & Benefits Office to arrange my Jobseeker's Allowance for the month of July.  I know I have a job lined up but I finished work on 29th June and don't start work until 1st August so I am entitled to whatever small amount of money they can give me! I am no scrounger and it was a weird experience going there but I have paid my taxes for two years and am well entitled to four weeks of JSA! I return this afternoon to 'sign on', oh the joy!!

In the meantime I have been painting at my boyfriend's house, as his mum wants a few rooms redecorated. I love  painting so have spent the last few days up there wearing trackies and an old t-shirt, wearing no make up and getting covered in paint so haven't had much to blog about either clothes or make up wise! Last night I painted my nails and thought I'd take a photo before they got ruined today. I was going to attempt some nail art but ended up babysitting and didn't have time.

I used my BarryM nail paint in Pink Flamingo. I really can't express how much I love BarryM nail paints!! This one dried reasonably quickly and had a lovely streak-free application. Perfect in two coats :) I love this pink; it has peachy/coral tones to it and is really summery.

Hope to have more content for you all soon! In the meantime I needs to earn some extra cash with my painting job!  Thanks for reading :)


Miss S said...

wow the color is so goin 2 buy same colour :)

Lorraine said...

This is so gorgeous! I've not seen it in Dublin though. We get nothing - wahh! x

Anonymous said...

I don't normally got for pinks been a red head but I like this shade. Have fun painting, I enjoy it too very thapeutic xxx

Sophie - Country girl said...

lovely colour varnish. I got paint on my leg on Tuesday and I still can't remove it. Must get some white spirit on it!

Temporary:Secretary said...

That is such a gorgeous colour!! x

t said...

Nice nail colour!