Friday, 8 July 2011

NYC Series Part 4

Hello all! I have some more NYC items to show you today, and it's more nail polish! This time it's the "Expert Last Nail Polish" range. I was sent three colours to try out:

I think these colours are lovely; I like the pearl quality to the polishes, and they would be very work-suitable as they are not 'in your face'.

Cotton Candy:

I really like this pink; it's pretty and bright without being over the top!  The only downside is that is applies quite sheer and streaky. You can still see some visible nail line in the above photo, taken after two coats. So three coats is required for best coverage.

Late Night Latte:

This is my favourite colour of the three as I am a sucker for nude shades! I love the colour and the pearl finish, however it also applies quite sheer and requires several coats. You can see that this went really weird and bubbly on my nails, I'm not sure why? Perhaps it was the base coat I had underneath it, as my mum has used this nail polish without any complaints.

Oh SoHo Sweet:

This colour has the least pearl tinge to it, and is more of a milky pink, however it is still really pretty and wearable.  It is very natural, and reminds me of a pink you might use in a French manicure.  I would say this was the worst of the three for being sheer and streaky, the photos were taken after three coats and it still wasn't opaque enough for my liking!

Overall, I think the colours in this range are really pretty, and at £2.49 they are of course affordable, however I personally prefer the finish and consistency of the NYC Minute polishes.


Penny and Lola said...

Oooo these colours are very pretty ! xx

daisychain said...

they look really lovely for every day wear!

Sophie - Country girl said...

I like all three shades, they are rather pretty and subtle.

Janinay said...

Sooooo pretty! :D

Poppy Jane said...

I have Late Night Latte (technically it's my mums but I'm the only one who uses it)
I find that the nail polish looks lovely under Belle by Revlon (a beautiful chunky silver nail polish)
I haven't tried any other NYC nail polishes so can't compare them, will have to now based on your reviews.

Much Love