Sunday, 10 July 2011

Winner of Gotta Love A Giveaway...

Hi everyone, I hope you're all ok!  I am exhausted today after my trek to Dublin yesterday!  I had a great time, it was just a very long day and has left me useless today, lounging around eating and reading!

I then realised I had to select a giveaway winner, as my giveaway closed at noon yesterday but I obviously was away and couldn't pick a winner.  I had several entries appear after the closing time of noon UK time, so these could not be included.  I was rather shocked at the number of entries whose blogs are entirely dedicated to entering giveaways.... extremely tragic. If I do any future giveaways, there will most definitely be a rule about that.  However, good old came up trumps and I am very pleased to announce the winner...

Congratulations Susan!! 

Susan has been a regular reader of my blog since the early days and so I was very pleased when her number popped up! Go check her lovely blog out :)

A huge thanks to everyone who entered; I feel bad that I can't offer everyone a prize :( I hope I don't lose to many of my newly acquired followers; I cannot believe that I have now surpassed the 200 mark! Thank you all SO MUCH.

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend, and best of luck for Monday, whatever you will be up to - I will be going to the Jobs & Benefits Office for my first appointment! I am going to be unemployed until August so am definitely going to claim the money that I'm due!

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Sophie - Country girl said...

oh pants, I wanted to win. But well done to Susan and its good that a longterm follower won. Congrats on topping the 200 mark, thats fab x