Monday, 1 August 2011

Monday Montage #5

1. Cupcakes:  I made these as a trial run for my friend's fundraiser. However, although they were mighty tasty, I decided that it would be easier to bring traybakes to it as cupcakes could get ruined en route! They look like chocolate and orange but they're not. I used the same recipe as before, but for the icing I replaced milk chocolate with white chocolate to see how it turned out with food colouring. I also piped the icing on with a piping bag. The colour turned out lovely but the icing was a bit too sweet! Oh well, they were all devoured anyway!

2. Blogger Support Pack:  The kind Alex from The Dog's Doodahs sent me a blogger support pack! Featuring my new favourite mug, a sachet of cappuccino and a card! It really put a smile on my face and I absolutely adore my new mug! *beams*

3. Guinea Pigs:  Basically, my entire family was on holiday last week! Mum, her fiancé, my sister and my grandparents all went to Co. Clare, and my dad, step-mum and brothers went to Spain. When my dad and co. go on holidays, I am in charge of cleaning out and feeding their guinea pigs! They're funny little fellas, and love kicking sawdust everywhere as soon as I'm finishing cleaning it off the floor. Their names are DC and Striker. I'm not sure which one this is as I cannot tell them apart. This is possibly DC as Striker is a bit mental.

4. Fried Eggs:  Specifically, the totally free range eggs from my boyfriend's chickens. At the weekend. In a bap. Yes.

5. Public Transport:  As today was my first day at my new job, I had the joy of getting the train home. It was 5.30pm and the station was jam packed. More and more people got on at every stop. A woman with four children was sat opposite me, and every time I looked over she seemed for be feeding all the children something different. First, Peperamis. The smell was turning my stomach. Next they were all eating crisps. Thirdly, I shit you not, she produced a HUGE lunch box full of pasta and sweetcorn which they proceeded to eat from! Finally, Fruit Shoots and lollies. Why would someone take four children on a train and feed them for an hour and 15 minutes?!

6. New Job Stuff:  Lots of new job stuff. Contracts and information and a massive handbook full of company policy.... Wowzers. It's all a lot more formal than my last job, and I'm going to have to live off fresh air until my first wage at the end of August (I miss weekly paydays already) but when that first pay comes in... it's going to be a good one. My first day went well, everyone seems lovely, and there is another new girl too so we're both in the same boat!

7. MUA Pro Palettes:  I made use of Superdrug's free delivery and ordered two of the Heaven & Earth Palettes and one Starry Night palette. I gave the extra H&E to my mum, which she was pleased about. For £4 each these are a total bargain. I love the colours, and the size is going to be great for taking in a handbag. These are also going to come on holiday with me!

I hope you have all had an enjoyable week! Mine has been full of nerves at the prospect of my first day at work but thankfully it went well, and it's now a matter of settling in and learning everything inside out! Thank you all so much for your kind words and well wishing! It really means a lot and is truly touching that my blog readers are so thoughtful :) Thanks to ALL OF YOU! XXXXXX


Sophie - Country girl said...

I hate bad parenting and a family picnic on a busy train is unnacceptable! Fried egg bap is my fave thing at the weekend.
I voted for you x

daisychain said...

Ok I neeeed those palettes!

Please may I? said...

Cakes look yummy! Oh how I hate this diet!!

Looks like you had a very busy Monday. Hope the job is going well so far.

Adoring the bloggers pack, it's fab!

X x

Imogen said...

Love this type of post it is interesting. I hope your new job is going great. Love the look of those palettes.

Natasha said...

Anything with guinea-pigs is brilliance. My two like to go and sit under their tent while out in their pen rather than sitting in it, and they like to eat their paper after changing, rather than kicking up the sawdust. They are funny and I love the palettes! I'm glad the new job started well. xxx

Funny Little Frog said...

Answer to number shut them up maybe? ha Glad your first day went well xxx