Monday, 22 August 2011

Monday Montage #7

1. Clock Watching:  My long, long, looong days often result in plenty of clock watching! Funnily enough, the journey home from work always seems to be the longest part of the day...

2. (More) Antibiotics:  I managed to get another infection; this time in my wisdom tooth. Very irritating. I think I am going to have to get it out soon.

3. Crap Weather:  One minute the sun is shining, the next it's lashing down... What a lovely summer we're having!

4. New Food Processor:  I used my Amazon voucher from the Fairy Hobmother to help me buy this new food processor for my mum, and she was very pleased! I used it to make myself a smoothie one day; I think I need more practice.

5. Cup of Tea:  You can't beat it, can you?! I also have my 'own' mugs that only I use. This Tinkerbell one is one of my favourites and also quite big, so great for a massive cuppa!

7. Yankee Candle:  This is my new favourite; Black Cherry. It smells delicious, and I light it every evening when I'm unwinding after work.

7. Fake Nails:  I took some inspiration from Gem Fatale's Tuesday Tip, and Charlene's new business venture, bought a pack of false nails and got crafty! I found wearing them immensely annoying at first, but after a substantial amount of filing, I quite liked them! They also got several compliments.

8. Nail designs:  I am giving my own nails a break after wearing the falsies all week, but have painted a few sets of nails so that when I fancy sticking more on, they're ready to go! I did these leopard print ones and a set of French manicure ones!

9. Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette:  My new love ♥

Apologies for not having time to do my Monday Montage last week. This is kind of two weeks in one!

With my long hours spent travelling to and from work, I really haven't had very much free time. I miss blogging as regularly as I used to, but I know it just can't be done at the minute. I really hit the wall of exhaustion this week, so I need plenty of early nights to avoid becoming run down.

I hope you all had a great week, and have another great one ahead!


Kirsty Louise said...

I love your watch xx

MissGreenEyes said...

Your watch is beautiful! Summer has been shocking here too, I've been lighting the Yankee Candles almost every day - I use the little tarts. Hope you get your tooth sorted, had problems with mine a few years ago and got it out, never any trouble since x

Jenny said...

ooh is that michael kors? it's stunning!
sadly we don't have yankee candles here in australia but i ordered "macintosh spice" online and i'm absolutely in love with it :)

Sophie - Country girl said...

as I'm a bit of a 'fire hazard' freak we have oil reed diffusers which are not quite so nice but at least partially mask the smell of dog. Your watching is stunning, love it!

Sara said...

Dying to see more about the UD palette! Those leopardy spots look pretty fab - pondering doing them myself soon, might have to ask advice! xx