Saturday, 6 August 2011

NOTD and The Fairy Hob Mother!

Hello! It's the weekend! Wahooo!

Yesterday I purchased Marie Claire Magazine as it had a free Ciaté Paint Pot. I thought highly of the one I received in my July Glossy Box, so I wanted so get me another! There were two colours to choose from, 'My Fair Lady', a nude coloured polish, and 'Wait Until Dark', which is a dark purple. I went for the nude shade as I thought I would get more wear out of it, however you can see some lovely photos of the other shade on Zoe's blog, Diamond Solitaire.

Recently, the lovely Sophie from Beauty Comes From Within was granted a wish by the Fairy Hob Mother from Appliances Online, and she was kind enough to recommend me to her! I was granted an Amazon Gift Voucher, which I have used to order a surprise for my mum... I can't wait to see her face when it arrives! So I would like to say a HUGE thank you to both Sophie, and the very kind Fairy Hob Mother!

She has also said that if any of my followers comment on this post with a little wish of their own, you might be lucky enough to be paid a visit too! How lovely is that?! A little act of kindness is all it takes to brighten up someone's day, and the Fairy Hob Mother is certainly doing a fantastic job!


Yu said...

How's the application for this colour, I've heard it's quite sheer? I can't make up my mind which to pick! :P

Charli said...

The colour looks soo sheer but lovely!!

cornflakegirl said...

That polish looks lovely but I think I have enough nude shades to last me a life time so I might go for the Wait Until Dark.

Maybe I've been living under a rock or something but The Fairy Hob Mother is a new discovery to me. It sounds like a great idea though and I'm sure your Mam will love her surprise when it arrives.

*Zoe* said...

Thanks for the mention hun :o) The nude looks lovely on you.

daisychain said...

Love the colour!
I'm so envious of the fairy hob mother, I NEED a breadmaker in my life.

Please may I? said...

Thats a lovely colour. I was just saying I needed to treat myself to a few new ones!

X x

confessionsofamakeupaholic said...

Not really sure what the Fairy Hob Mother is but she sounds lovely and my wish would be for a new washing machine for my Mom. The one we have at the moment decides to stop working at least once a month! x

Sophie - Country girl said...

lovely colour nail polish. I would love a wish granted! I really need a new makeup bag, mine is really tatty and although I love it, there is no doubting its now quite manky. Well, I would also like soem new makeup too but I wont push it, lol.

xXxStundonxXx said...

I love this Fairy Hobmother thing that is going around! I saw it on Zoe's blog the other day and was amazed!

As I said over on Zoe's post I desperately need a new washing machine, mine leaks and makes funny noises.

I'm assuming that is probably too much though so Id settle for a giant doughnut mould so that I can eat giant doughnuts to make parting with the cash for a new washing machine a little less painful!


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Sarah said...

That's a really gorgeous nude on you, I like more pinky nudes myself.

I'd love amazon vouchers, that sounds amazing! And very lovely that you're buying your mum something. :)


Bonnie said...

I really like the nude shade of nail polish on you. I rarely go nude on my nails, even though I adore the color. Usually, I go for the super obnoxious, obvious shades.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

knittingrunningeating said...

The Fairy Hobmother is so kind!! I would love some Amazon vouchers to buy some teaching books for my uni degree :-)