Tuesday, 30 August 2011

OOTD - Are You Sure It's Still August?!

Pleather jacket - TK Maxx (£22)
Cardigan - H&M (£7.99)
Trousers - H&M (£14.99)
Vest top - Asda (£3)
Scarf - Primark (£4)
Leopard pumps - Primark (£4)
Imagine having to wear a heavy jacket and scarf on 30th August! Well, I did today. The last Monday and Tuesday of August each year means one thing in my town - the annual Fair, when the main streets are lined with stalls selling all sorts of crap, the park is taken over by amusement rides, and loads of gypsies travelling community people arrive. It is also a major tourist attraction.

Needless to say, I despise it. You can't drive anywhere and the place is overrun. I only ventured out the door today to visit my boyfriend at work in the local sports shop (I also bought a local hurling team top and some O'Neills trackie bottoms for a grand total of £15 - cheers Bruns!)

In other news, I bought the above black skinny fit trousers in H&;M last week and I love them. For a start I managed to fit into a H&M 14, which is nothing short of a goddamn miracle. They are quite high waisted so they don't fall down all the time, and although they are described as jeans they don't feel like denim or jeans material at all? They just seem like trousers to me, and will be good for work. Especially as come winter I can tuck them into boots. Which will be any day now, really.

Apologies for the lack of Monday Montage yesterday; I had a Uni friend from England over this weekend with her boyfriend, and it was so lovely to see her again! :)

I hope you all had a good weekend and bank holiday! I took today off work as I have built up two days of flexi-time that I need to use. Being in work at 8am is good for something!


daisychain said...

that tee is awesome x

Eloise said...

Agreed, the top is fab!
Oh my did you see any grabbing going on? I'd probably be tragic and get starstruck around them... ha i joke

Sophie - Country girl said...

those trousers look great on you! What a joke that summer has come to heavy jackets already. The word 'pleather' makes me feel a bit ill, btw!!!
Only a 3 day week for you, lucky.

Caroline said...

It does feel a bit mad having to wear a scarf and coat in August! I have that scarf too- I love it! x