Thursday, 11 August 2011

Recent Outfits...

Well, two outfits. Taking outfits of my work ensembles has basically become a nightmare, as I am leaving the house at 6.30am and don't have time, and returning around 6.30pm, at which point I eat dinner, shower, and then collapse in a heap with my laptop.

What an exciting life I lead!

Saturday evening dinner OOTD:
Top & jeans - Internacionale
Shoes - F&F @ Tesco
I bought this top almost a year ago yet this was my first time ever wearing it. And possibly my last; the big glittery b**tard. I was friggin' shedding glitter the entire evening. As we were leaving the restaurant, I looked down at my chair.... it was like someone had stabbed a pixie (if you get that comedic reference, ten points for you) Never again!

Work on Tuesday:
Jacket - Dunnes
Dress - F&F @ Tesco
Shirt, scarf, tights & shoes - Primark

I am currently the lucky owner of a wisdom tooth infection, again! More antibiotics for me! Looks like it will have to come out soon, but I am going to leave that joyous occasion until after my holiday! I hope you're all having a good week!


daisychain said...

You always look so put together for work!

dinoprincesschar said...

Your work outfits are always so smart, i look like i've been thru a hedge backwards most days!

I rememebr having a glittery party dress like that when i was young, and everywhere you sat it droppped lots of glitter, i once wore it in the car to go to a meal and my dad was livid.

Sophie - Country girl said...

I bought a glittery top off ebay then washed it, then entire load came out covered in glitter. I had to bin it before even wearing it!
Shame yours is shedding the glitter as it looks great on you.
Love your smart work outfit x

Please may I? said...

Looking very smart, as ever!

Shame about your glitter top.

X x

G A B Y said...

Love the first one!!

xXxStundonxXx said...

Lovely outfits, such a shame about the glittery top!

I hope work is going well.