Saturday, 27 August 2011

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette

I had been eyeing up the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette for aaaages on YouTube and blogs after it was released in the USA. I was immediately smitten and knew that when it came out in the UK I would be straight out to get my hands on it.

So when it was finally in stock, I went to Debebhams one lunch time for a look.  My first impression upon seeing it with my own eyes, was that it was actually a lot smaller than I had expected! I don't know why I had expected it to be larger, especially after watching videos where people are obviously holding it and handling it, but it just seemed very small.

However, size aside, everything else about it, I loved as much as I had thought...

The palette is housed snugly in a rich purple, velvet effect outer box. The lid is silver and highly reflective. The detailed edging and the jewelled 'UD' logo on the lid are beautifully opulent.

The palette has 15 brand new eye shadows, never seen or released by Urban Decay before. There is a good selection of neutrals plus several stunning brights. All the shadows are shimmery, apart from the black.

In the bottom right hand corner of the palette, there is a little gap. You can use a pen or similar to pop the eye shadows out, and this leaves you with a beautiful storage box. I suppose you could put small brushes or some jewellery in it, and still have the eye shadows in it, but I think the 'storage box' gimmick is really only feasible without the shadows in it.

Swatches! (and my thoughts)

Midnight Rodeo - a pale, shimmery brown
Midnight 15 - shimmery, creamy champagne
Vanilla - Pale yellow-ish cream. Not very pigmented.
Flow - Pink champagne
Chase - gold toned bronze/brown

Tainted - lavender toned pink with gold shimmer. Not very pigmented, hence crap swatch
Junkshow - hot, shocking fuchsia pink with a blue sheen that the camera wouldn't capture
Omen - a violet/blue duo chrome with a fantastic sheen. Love <3
Evidence - dark blue with a pearly blue sheen. Not great pigmentation
Deep End - a sea green/aqua/turquoise shimmery blue.

Deeper - bronze toned brown, reminds me of Smog from the Naked palette
M.I.A. - warm toned chocolate brown
Ace - steely blue with a metallic sheen
Blackout - matte black. I thought the pigmentation was questionable
Half-Truth - deep purple with a hint of grey/black sheen

Some colours are more wearable than others, and the pigmentation of a few was dubious, but all in all I am still very pleased with this palette. Also, as it is limited edition, once this sells out, that's it!

To give you an idea of the size, here is the palette beside the Naked palette, and my BlackBerry.

This will set you back £39, which works out at £2.60 per eye shadow. Seeing as Urban Decay single eye shadows retail for £13 and up, this is a good saving.  It is also only £4 more than the Naked palette, with 3 more eye shadows. Plus you have your pretty storage box when you use up the shadows (in about 3 years time...)

Have any of you got your hands on this yet? Let me know your thoughts!


daisychain said...

I need that palette in my life!

FitznBitz said...

Wow the packaging really is beautiful isn't it. The black looks pretty good from that swatch,?? Maybe it was a few was it?

silviasiantar said...

enjoyed reading your posts and following your blog now!


Sara said...

Wow Omen and Evidence look gorgeous! Still humming and hah-ing about buying the palette though!

Kezzie said...

This looks lovely! I have an Urban decay eye-shadow box from a year ago or so (it's bamboo) and I adore the eye-shadows in it- I love the one I have like the Midnight rodeo. I wouldn't buy this because I've barely used my one (don't wear makeup that often!) but I really do like it!
By the way, Hello there, I popped over from Sophie cgdn's blog as she said you were a blog she loves. Great so far!