Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sleek Rose Gold Blush ♥

After my mum accidentally dropped my Miners Sunblushed Duo (since repaired - see this post) I went out a bought myself a new blush in the form of Sleek's Rose Gold.  I have seen lots of positive reviews about it on blogs and when I was in Superdrug it was definitely the shade that caught my eye first.  Another thing I noticed... it looked smaller in real life than it seemed in blog posts! There is a pattern forming here; I obviously have terrible perception skills!

The packaging is simple but stylish; black with the brand logo, a nice compact size for taking in a make up bag, and with a sizeable mirror in the lid.

The shade in the pan is a beautiful, deep, pink/peach shade with fine golden shimmer.It is finely milled, soft and highly pigmented. A tiny amount on my brush gives surprising colour pay off.

While the colour is gorgeous, and I truly love it, I do wish it were slightly less gold and a bit more rose toned. It leaves a very gold sheen on the cheeks, which is sometimes a bit much for everyday work make up. Although, having said that, I am still wearing it every day... it's just so pretty.
Two photos of the same swatch, to show you the gold sheen when light hits it.
This blush is basically what I had expected from ELF's Peachy Keen when I had first ordered it.  When I then compared them side by side... well, quite frankly ELF was not very impressive. It is still a pretty colour but is seriously lacking in pigmentation compared to the Sleek blush. I can't remember the last time I used Peachy Keen as Rose Gold is definitely my new go-to blusher. Plus the ELF one has not aged well (I've only owned it about a month!!)

I believe I paid around £4.50 for this Sleek blush. Considering that a little goes a long way, I think this works out at great value for a good quality item.  I shall definitely invest in more in the future!

Do you have any Sleek blushes that you love?


Merlins Beard said...

I love the colour of this , I'm deffo gonna look out for it. I've got the flamingo blush but its way too pink for me ! xx

Paperbacks and Postcards said...

I almost bought this today! Regretting it now! I own the Sleek blushers in Coral and Santorini, I really like using them both! xx

G A B Y said...

Very, very gorgeous!

Charlotte said...

I've been lusting after this for a while.. might have to get it now! It looks gorgeoussss but I agree about gold sheen! x

Sophie - Country girl said...

It looks like such a gorgeous colour. I have one blusher from tesco and I think I've now grown sick of it. I would love a nice new one and Sleek looks like a great brand. I don't even know if they're available here, I'll have to find out.

Beautyshades said...

I agree for the day time the gold sheen is a bit too much:) said...

Personally, I prefer the Peachy Keen one, but that's because I prefer very subtle make-up! The Rose Gold is very pretty though!