Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

I went out on Saturday night with a few friends to celebrate Halloween N. Ireland style - a good aul' drinking session. (Isn't that how people here celebrate every Saturday night?)

I did my make up as in the above photo - Terminator! I do love that film, despite it's 80s cheese and woeful special effects. My brother and I were slightly obsessed with Terminator 2, which this look is based on. I worked from this KlairedeLys tutorial - I didn't have the exact items she used, especially things like sculpt gel, so improvised with what I had, and I think it turned out well regardless.

I sadly couldn't get a red contact lens, as I would need a prescription one, and you can't get those in red! So I made my eye red in MS Paint, harhar! I also hairsprayed my hair to my head on the 'injured' side as if it were matted  Other than that, I just wore black jeans, black top, leather jacket and black boots - I've never had such comfy feet on a night out.

If anyone is interested in seeing what make up I used just let me know!


Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunday Night Make Up Shake Up #3

That time of the week again!

Last week was not very successful with my choice of foundation - after two days of using the ELF Flawless Finish stuff I gave up on it and switched to MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I can't fault the ELF one for colour, coverage or finish, as I like all of those things, but it just seems so sticky to me... I feel like it doesn't 'set' on my face at all, even after severe powdering, and it just slides around all day. The slightest touch leaves a mark or takes some off and I just couldn't be bothered with it. Hopefully this week's choices are more successful!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 52 Vanilla £9.99 - A brilliant foundation, I adore it. As it's now winter and I am extremely pale from never seeing daylight, this only works on me when I have fake tanned. I tanned this weekend so this should be ok to use this week.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer 02 Light £3.99 - Another brilliant drugstore item. Great long lasting coverage, great price and, again, works better on me when I have a tan.

NARS Orgasm Illuminator £21.50 - I got this in my very first Glossy Box, way back in May! It has been sadly neglected, so time to make some use out of it.

Sleek Blush Rose Gold £4.30 - I think this will look nice and subtle with my tanned skin tone, plus will complement the NARS illuminator, I think.

ELF Matte Lip Colour Natural £3.50 - A new addition to my collection, I received this on Friday and can't wait to use it.

Face 2 Lip Liner and Gloss - Purely cos I never use it, and might want some gloss over the matte lip colour.

Milani Eyeshadows - I got these in Florida in September and am yet to use them!! Shame on me!

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara - I won this in a giveaway a while back, and rarely use it as the brush is so long and fat, which doesn't work very well with my tiny lashes. I need to make more use out of it before it's past its best.

MUA Eyeliner Jet Black £1.00 - A no brainer, black pencil eyeliner.

That is everything for this week! If you do it too please link me I love to see other people's choices! 

Friday, 28 October 2011

Sally Hansen Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

I arrived home from work one day this week to find that the Sally Hansen fairy had paid a visit to my letterbox. One of the best kind of fairies, you must agree?

I received two of the Real Nail Polish Strips to try. They claim to help you acheive "salon results at home". I decided to go for this black and white hounds tooth design, called Check It Out as it was the less glittery of the two, and so more work appropriate. Save the sparklers for an occasion, ye know?

In the packet you get two packs of 8 strips, a mini orange stick, a mini nail file with 3 uses, and the instructions.

I'd hoped to take photos of the process and progress of my application; while this seemed a great idea in theory, in practice, with sticky strips hanging off one's nails and no one to assist as photographer, alas, it could not be done.

But the good news is that the process was relatively easy. I had really thought I would make a mess of it, but they turned out very well. You simply work on one nail at a time, select the most size appropriate strip, remove the backing and plastic, carefully apply it to your nail, smooth down and file away the excess. Then you have perfect nail polish!

The instructions were clear and easy to follow, the results are impressive, and you don't have to wait for polish to dry at all. My only negatives about it are that it did create a lot of mess from peeling off the plastic and backing bits, and I did struggle to find strips that were a good fit for my nails in the selection provided, but then I have quite narrow nails so that could be just me!

These got plenty of comments and compliments in work today! Even a girl in a shop commented on them and everyone asked how it did them!

It didn't say anything in the instructions about applying a top coat, so I didn't. I thought this would also help test the longevity, as they claim to have "ten day staying power"... Less than 24 hours later I had slight chipping (well, it's more like peeling, really!) on three nails. This, the next time I use these I will definitely use top coat for extra durability. Though to be fair, not many manicures could withstand a frantic shoe trying-on session in Primark, during lunch hour, on national pay day. It is an experience that I would never recommend.

These however, I most definitely recommend! There are nine shades available, featuring metallics and patterns. In the Republic of Ireland they retail for €8.95, which I reckon is around £8.00 - much less than a manicure in a salon. They would be fantastic for special occasions when you want perfection and know that you might need a little hand. You won't be able to stop looking at your perfect nails.... believe me!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday Night Make Up Shake Up

Sunday night again? Yikes!

As you may recall from last week's post, every Sunday I am doing a 'shake up' of my every day make up box, so that I get more use out of my make up products, and to prevent me getting stuck in a rut! As inspired by Sunday Girl, Adrienne.

So while my "Invariable" items are all the same as last week, here are the variable items I've picked for this week:

ELF Studio Flawless Finish Foundation Porcelain £6.50 - I haven't thought much of this foundation, to be honest, but I need to make more use of it as I hate to waste things. I find it a bit sticky, and don't think it has great staying power, but I'm hoping that plenty of primer and powder will help it along.

MUA Pro Eye Shadow Palette Starry Night £4.00 - I have barely used this palette since I bought it so I really want to make more use of it. Not natural shades, which I usually go for, but hopefully I can do something with these. I realised today that the hinges of this have broken... whoops.

Vivo Blush & Highlighter Duo Sugar Candy £2.39 - A great budget beauty buy. A lovely pink colour and a subtle shimmery highlight all in one.

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Powder Puff £2.99 - A lovely matte lip colour that smells like cake. This shade is a peachy, nude colour and I have sorely neglected it recently.

NYC High Definition Mascara Black £1.99 - Another decent budget item. This mascara has a plastic comb wand that really helps separate and definite lashes. It has lasted me a long time too and hasn't dried up or went clumpy at all.

Studio Makeup Liner Styler Black Pen £12 - I only received this yesterday in my October Boudoir Privé box, and quite like the idea of how easy it should be (in theory) to use. Handy for early mornings.

So that's this week's make up sorted!

I have noticed a few more people are doing it too which is great! If you do it too, just leave your link in the comments, I'd love to see what you're using this week. Don't forget to check out Adrienne's post!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lucky Old Me

Another little piece of luck that came my way recently was when the lovely Hazel contacted me to say that I had won her giveaway. I was very pleased with the lovely selection of items she sent me, and love all of them! If you don't know Hazel's blog you should definitely check it out; she always inspires the urge to shop within me! Here is what Hazel very kindly sent to me:

Green & Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate, A7 Notebook + pen, Nivea Creme, Avon Super Magnify Mascara, Avon Magix Primer, Nivea SOS Hand Balm, Accessorize Cuff, snag free hair bands, Avon Matte Nail Polish in Black as Night, Nails Inc Polish in Saville Row, Stolen Thunder Red Love Wish String
I promptly wore the Nails Inc nail polish in Saville Row, which I think is a beautiful colour for Autumn; deep, glossy, burgundy plum. I added an 'accent nail' with some glitter polishes and it got lots of comments.

Here are the three polishes I layered for the look:
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails 'Ice Queen', Gosh 'Magic Star', BarryM 'Pink Irridescent'
I can't wait to try the mascara, and the Avon Primer. It's also lovely having two new accessories; they're totally different to anything I have. I was so chuffed with everything - thank you so much Hazel :)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday Night Make Up Shake Up

For the last few weeks Adrienne of The Sunday Girl has been doing brilliant posts about how she changes her weekly make up. Every Sunday evening, she changes the items in her make up bag for the coming week, which helps make more use out of neglected items, rediscover products and generally prevents getting stuck in a make up rut. I thought this was a fantastic idea! I am a person who tends to stick with favourite products for ages before moving on to something else and forgetting about previous items. So this seems a great movement for me to join!

So, what shall I put in my 'Everyday Make Up' box (a.k.a.: a Glossy Box now used for make up storage) for this week?...

Firstly, there will be some staple items that probably will never change... probably because I only have one of that product! I shall show you these nonetheless, and should they every change I will let you know!

The Invariables:

Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner $6.00 - I got this in Florida as part of my Florida Mall haul. It is a fab little item (when I remember/have time to use it) and helps prevent make up build up on my brushes. It's the only daily brush cleaner I have so will always be in the box.

Witch Anti-Blemish Skin Clearing Primer £6.99 approx. -  The Boots website is selling this for £6.99, but I received mine when I won the Witch Tip of the Day competition on their website. I have almost finished this so I want to use it all up before opening another. I think that this primer definitely creates a barrier between my skin and my foundation to help prevent blemishes. That's not to say it stops them completely, as I still get them, but I think I'd be a lot worse off without this stuff!

HD Eye & Brow Palette Foxy £19.95- I  received in the September Glossy Box, and it is one of two brow kits that I have but it's by far the best, and for that reason it shall be used every day. I love this kit and have used it every day since I opened my Glossy Box!

ELF High Definition Powder £6.00 - currently the only powder I have, as I threw out my pressed powder once I fell in love with this stuff. Works brilliantly to eradicate shiny-face syndrome, and set make up, plus it a total bargain. Win.

Witch Anti-Blemish Liquid Concealer Light £6.99 - I won this concealer in a blog giveaway celebrating the launch of the Witch liquid concealer. Not a bad product, lasts quite well. Is currently the only concealer I have that matches my natural skin tone.

Jane Iredale Lash Extender sample - I received this sample in the August Boudoir Privé box and it's still going strong! A brilliant lash primer that I use nearly every day. Will probably buy a full sized one when this runs out.

MUA Clear Mascara £1.00 - clear mascara, costs £1, that I use to set my brows. Job done, thank you.

ELF Eyelid Primer £1.50 - an eyelid primer that works as well as Urban Decay Primer potion and costs £1.50. Yes please.

OK, now on to that main products that I will be using this week..

The Variables:

MAC Face & Body Foundation C1 $32.50 - I got this in Florida, again, but in sterling I think it's £25.50. It's a great, light coverage foundation that can be built up if needed, and matches my palest of the pale skin very well.

Milani Baked Powder Blush Rose D'Oro $7.49 - Another Florida purchase that I adore. It's a gorgeous pink-peach shade that looks very natural and flattering.

MAC Eye Shadows Dazzlelight, Jest, Woodwinked and Handwritten $11.50 each - I have been quite underwhelmed by these eye shadows, to be honest, so I am trying to use this quad and make myself fall in love with it.

L'Oréal Infallible Lipstick Perpetual Peach $7.99 - Yet another USA item, haha! A long lasting lipstick that is great for work as it requires few top ups.

Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet Mascara £14.85 - I got this mascara in the August Glossy Box and opened it by accident. I didn't think much of it, and haven't used it since so I best make some use of it, otherwise it will be a complete waste.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyeliner 23L $18 - A beautiful shimmery champagne colour that helps brighten up my eyes a bit. Much needed when you have 6am starts.

So, that is what make up I will be using this week! I can't wait until next Sunday to put together my next box!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

A Little Streak Of Luck

I am generally a rather unlucky person, but the last week or so has seen a few little bits of luck come my way which is always much appreciated! I recently saw a 'retweet' competition from a company called Aurora in the Sunlight who personalise items with Swarovski crystals. The competition was to win a Swarovski customised MAC Cremesheen Glass. I clicked the 'retweet' button and what do you know, a few days later, I was told I'd won! I couldn't believe it!

It's a gorgeous pink shade called 'Petite Indulgence' which looks quite bright and shocking in the tube but comes out a lovely, rather natural shade of pink. The Swarovski crystal covered lid is GORGEOUS! It catches the light beautifully and sparkles with so many colours - I haven't even put this in my make up case, it's sitting out on my desk for all to see! The photos can't really capture the pretty colours or the sparkle but it is really lovely!

 Gratuitous lip swatches...

You can check out the Aurora in the Sunlight website for all the different items they do - you can send in your own items to be customised or buy direct from the site. I personally love the Cremesheen Glass I received and I think the items available would make fantastic presents too!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

OOTD - Yes, I Still Wear Clothes

One would be forgiven for thinking that I no longer partake in the wearing of clothes, due to the complete lack of outfit posts lately. I apologise; I never have time between 6 and 6.30am to take photos (I barely have time to wake up) and by the time I get home I feel so tired and bleugh (yes that is a legitimate adjective) that I tend to get a shower straight away and forget to take photos.

I will try to improve! The awful lack of daylight now is not helping though. Anyways, here's what I wore today:
Dress, Boots & Tights - Peacocks
Cardi - H&M
Yes, I look a mess. Oh well. The dress and boots are recent buys, about a week and a half ago, when I got a Peacocks 'family & friends' 40% discount voucher from a lady at work. It came in very handy! I got this dress for £12 instead of £20, and the boots for £15.60 instead of £26. I also got the tights for £1.80 instead of £3, in case you're wondering! They're 80 denier and are definitely needed now that the weather is so miserable. The boots have also been worn basically non-stop to work too. They keep my feet warm and dry when walking to/from train station/car. Well worth the money!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Vivo Cosmetics

You may have previously thought that Tesco would be the last place on earth you'd end up spending too much on make up instead of carrots and bread, but think again! Last month saw the launch of Vivo Cosmetics, which is exclusively available in good old Tesco. Their slogan is 'alive with colour', and it's easy to see why. They have a considerable range of single eye shadows, eye shadow trio palettes, blushers and lipsticks, all availble in an impressive range of colours, with an even more impressive price tag, with items ranging between £1.50 and £6!

Kerry from Vivo kindly sent three items for me to sample, and I am very pleased with them so far. I received these a day before I went on holiday, and so didn't have time to do review them until now! Here is what I received:

Blush & Highlighter Duo 'Sugar Candy'
I actually took this blush and highlighter duo on holidays with me upon receiving it, as I thought that as it's a two-in-one product, it would be great for travelling! I really like this item and am happy to have this in my (small) blusher selection. The pink looks so bright in the pan but applies lightly, so I use a few sweeps with my blush brush to reach the shade of pink I want that day. It looks natural and lasts well throughout the day. I really like the highlighter too, as it catches the light well when used on the cheeks and brow bone. It doesn't pick up as well on camera, typical!

 This duo has been in regular use ever since and I would definitely buy more from the range. At £2.39 they're definitely worth a try!

Trio Eyeshadow Palette 'Sugar Plum'

This trio of eyeshadows isn't something I'd go for if I were browsing in the shop, but having said that I quite liked the final result when I used it! Just goes to show that you need to step outside your comfort zone from time to time. These are nicely pigmented and blended well. They would be lovely on brown or green eyes, as my blue eyes don't complement the colours. These are very affordable at £2.50.

Fake Eyelashes 'Party Night'

I haven't had the chance to wear these yet, but I do like putting the falsies on for a night out and am looking forward to an occasion that calls for these! Photos will be taken! The range of false lashes cost between £2 £4 which I think is fantastic value.

I have also heard great things about the lipsticks from Vivo and hope to get my hands on them soon; only problems is none of the Tesco stores near me stock them! What a shame... here's hoping they start soon! What have you tried from the Vivo range? Any recommendations?