Sunday, 2 October 2011

Florida Haul Part 2 - Walgreens

When I was in Orlando, I think I bought the most in Walgreens. I went several times to different ones. In case you're not familiar with the name, it is a drugstore chain in the USA. Think every chemist in the UK combined, and then some! They're pretty huge, and have a great selection of cosmetics, as well as the usual skincare, etc. I mainly bought make up that is not available in the UK. Be warned, lots of photos await! For this reason I'm doing my first 'after the jump' link... here we go!

Fake Eyelashes:
Duo Lash Adhesive - $7.29, Andrea Perma-lash Flair Individual Lashes - $5.49
Although you can buy Duo eyelash glue in the UK, and sets of individual lashes, I got these because it worked out slightly cheaper, and also because I've never come across Duo at home. I wore the lashes last night and really liked them. They added length without looking really fake like strip ones can. I think I will stick with the individual lashes from now on. I have only just realised, that with the correct adhesive, these lashes can be worn for up to 6 weeks! When I removed my eye make up they came off without me even trying, but I don't think I'd be brave enough to use semi-permanent glue!

Top Row L-R: Baked Powder Blush - $7.49, Baked Eye Shadow - $6.47
Bottom Row L-R: Runway Eyes Eye Shadow - $7.49 each
I'd seen a post featuring a Milani blush on Adrienne's blog, The Sunday Girl, and so had this brand in mind. I ended up getting more than just the blush though! The marbelized eyeshadow I actually bought in Walmart but ssssh, I wanted to keep the items together! One negative about Walgreens though, as with Sephora, is the distinct lack of 'tester' items. You can't swatch freely, like here! So I'm actually slightly disappointed with the quality of the eye shadows. I think I will have to use them wet to get any decent colour pay-off.

The blush, however, is lovely. It is nicely pigmented and can be applied lightly for a really natural glow, or with a more heavy hand for more colour. It has a beautiful sheen and so you don't need highlighter after. It also has a compartment underneath with a little brush and mirror which is handy, and the brush isn't totally crap either.

Top swatch - dry, Bottom swatch - wet

Wet n Wild:
Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow - 99¢ each
Nothing at the Wet n Wild section really jumped out at me, and I didn't want to buy things for the sake of buying. These single eyeshadows were reduced from $2.49 each (if I remember correctly) to 99¢, so I thought I'd just get these... wow! I only swatched these for the first time yesterday and was very pleasantly surprised. They are well pigmented and beautiful colours. 'Sugar' is a great highlight colour with a hint of shimmer, 'Brulee' is a perfect matte nude shade, 'Nutty' is a gorgeous taupe brown with a hint of gold sheen, and 'Penny' is a peachy pink with gold sheen. In fact, when I was getting ready to go out last night, I didn't reach for my new MAC or NARS shadows... I went for these. I'm wearing them again today and am so happy I got them. Bargain!

Lash Blast Fusion - $10.49, Lash Perfection $7.49

I can't comment much on these as they are still in their packets! I have three mascaras open at the minute and so am saving these until I really need to open a new one, otherwise it will be a total waste of products! These were on a 'Buy One Get One Half price' offer so I got $3.75 off.

Walgreens & L'Oréal:
Walgreens Benzoyle Peroxide Gel 10% - $5.49, L'Oréal Infallible Lipstick - $7.99
Yep, acne cream! I don't have acne, thankfully, but got the Benzoyl Peroxide for any time I do get a nasty breakout. So far it seems good, although it does dry to leave white residue on your face! Definitely one to slap on at night.

I'm not sure if we get these in the UK, as I haven't seen these in the shops here. This isn't quite infallible, but I would say I've managed up to four hours wear from one application and it's still obvious that I am wearing it after four hours! So thumbs up for longevity. The colour is nice too, great for everyday wear. According to my receipt the $7.99 I paid was a sale price, so I have no clue how much it is normally.

Sally Hansen:
Hi-Definition Nail polish - $7.29 each, Hard As Nails polish - $2.49

Oh Sally, why do you discriminate against us folk on this side of the Atlantic?! Denying us so many fantastic shades of nail varnish is most unfair! 'DVD' is a stunning colour, this photo doesn't do it justice. It's a blue and purple duochrome and is wonderful to look at in sunlight. A bugger to remove, mind. I've not tried 'Byte' yet but I'm excited to, and I wish I'd bought more of the HD range, though they were very low in stock! 'Ice Queen' was a bit of a let down. You would need a billion (5-10?) coats to make it look anything like it does in the bottle.

Sinful Colors:
Basecoat - $3.99, Nail Polish - 99¢ each

I wish with all my heart that we had Sinful Colors over here. Brilliant nail polishes at brilliant prices. These were on sale at 99¢ each but I think they're normally $1.99 which is still really good. I love 'Just You Wait' - it's like a nude pink with a green and gold sheen. Absolutely beautiful. 'Purple Diamond' is also very pretty though doesn't turn out on the nails exactly as it looks in the bottle. The base coat is fine, not much to say about it really!

Phew! That was a lot longer than I expected! Do let me know your thoughts. Writing this has made me want to go back to Walgreens already!


Adrienne said...

Sucks to hear that the Milani eyeshadows aren't up to much :( the blushes are great though :). You'll love the lash blash mascara it is AMAZING!!!! xx

G A B Y said...

I'm lusting after those WNW single eyeshadows, especially Nutty!

Caroline said...

I spent ages looking at the make up in Walgreens when I was in the US, looks like you got some great bargains! I like the shades you chose of the wet and wild eyeshadows. x

dinoprincesschar said...

wow looks like quite a haul, Lauren- did you have to take another suitcase with you to carry all your purchases home?

Imogen said...

So many fabulous items here, I just love the feeling of having new makeup and nailpolish. I love Covergirl I often buy that brand of makeup.

Bonnie said...

I love makeup. LOVE IT. I just bought wayyyy too much of it from Saks last week.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

adoreabubbles said...

I bought NYX lights camera glitter in penneys today and it looks like an absolute dupe for that sally Hansen Ice Queen!