Sunday, 9 October 2011

Vivo Cosmetics

You may have previously thought that Tesco would be the last place on earth you'd end up spending too much on make up instead of carrots and bread, but think again! Last month saw the launch of Vivo Cosmetics, which is exclusively available in good old Tesco. Their slogan is 'alive with colour', and it's easy to see why. They have a considerable range of single eye shadows, eye shadow trio palettes, blushers and lipsticks, all availble in an impressive range of colours, with an even more impressive price tag, with items ranging between £1.50 and £6!

Kerry from Vivo kindly sent three items for me to sample, and I am very pleased with them so far. I received these a day before I went on holiday, and so didn't have time to do review them until now! Here is what I received:

Blush & Highlighter Duo 'Sugar Candy'
I actually took this blush and highlighter duo on holidays with me upon receiving it, as I thought that as it's a two-in-one product, it would be great for travelling! I really like this item and am happy to have this in my (small) blusher selection. The pink looks so bright in the pan but applies lightly, so I use a few sweeps with my blush brush to reach the shade of pink I want that day. It looks natural and lasts well throughout the day. I really like the highlighter too, as it catches the light well when used on the cheeks and brow bone. It doesn't pick up as well on camera, typical!

 This duo has been in regular use ever since and I would definitely buy more from the range. At £2.39 they're definitely worth a try!

Trio Eyeshadow Palette 'Sugar Plum'

This trio of eyeshadows isn't something I'd go for if I were browsing in the shop, but having said that I quite liked the final result when I used it! Just goes to show that you need to step outside your comfort zone from time to time. These are nicely pigmented and blended well. They would be lovely on brown or green eyes, as my blue eyes don't complement the colours. These are very affordable at £2.50.

Fake Eyelashes 'Party Night'

I haven't had the chance to wear these yet, but I do like putting the falsies on for a night out and am looking forward to an occasion that calls for these! Photos will be taken! The range of false lashes cost between £2 £4 which I think is fantastic value.

I have also heard great things about the lipsticks from Vivo and hope to get my hands on them soon; only problems is none of the Tesco stores near me stock them! What a shame... here's hoping they start soon! What have you tried from the Vivo range? Any recommendations?


SadeeStyle said...

woww vivo have very nice products

Cherry said...

The blush looks lovely!

Eloise said...

The blush looks really nice on you! For some reason none of the tescos near me are stocking Vivo : (


Sophie - Country girl said...

the blusher looks crackers in the tray but great on your skin. It looks like a great value range.

Rachael said...

Lovely blusher x

daisychain said...

good lord, how amazing are your eyes? x