Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Most I've Ever Spent On My Face

I have no shame in admitting that I am definitely a "drugstore" kind of girl. I am on a budget and rarely splash major cash on cosmetics and such. I also think that at least with cheaper drugstore items, if they don't work for me it isn't a huge loss or waste of money, and I can move on to another product without a guilty conscience.

As you may or may not know, I have been subscribed to Glossy Box since their first box in May. One of the main points of a beauty box subscription is to try out more high end brands, and see what products work for you. Well, I got the 30ml sample of Murad's Time Release Anti-Blemish Cleanser in the August Glossy Box, and started using it straight away. I was having a lot of breakouts, and a lot of oiliness, so I thought it was the perfect time to receive the sample.

Well, that 30ml sample lasted me about 6 weeks of daily use, and by the end of those 6 weeks I was hooked. My skin looked better than it had in ages and I was devastated when it ran out. I wondered if my skin would revert back to it's troublesome ways or if I had been tricked in to thinking Murad's cleanser was my saviour when in fact, it was pure chance?... After 4 weeks of troublesome skin, I decided that Murad's cleanser was indeed, my saviour, and if there is something worth spending extra cash on, it is looking after my skin. 

Thus, I ordered my cleanser and was £29 less well off. Glossy Box had offered a discount code with the August box, which would have saved me £9, but it ran out at the end of August, which I personally think is not very useful. The box doesn't usually arrive until the middle of the month, and unless it's something that you get instant results from, like nail polish or a make up product, you may not have made up your mind within two weeks if you want to buy the full sized product. Especially with a facial wash, which lasted 6 weeks!

I ordered this from Salon Skincare, and at the same time I ordered Stri-Vectin SD Eye Concentrate for my mum (she was converted by the sample received in the September Glossy Box and used the code to save £10 of the £49 purchase). I ordered on a Sunday, received a 'dispatched' email on the Monday, and the items arrived on Tuesday - brilliant! The dispatch centre is, as it turns out, in Belfast, which may have contributed to the speedy delivery within NI.

It arrived well packaged with a security sticker on the lid of the box.

The full sized tube is a massive 200ml - this will last me several months, I hope imagine. The cleanser itself is a white, cloudy gel like consistency, which is described as 'low foaming'. This is spot on, as while it does foam very slightly, it was only noticeable if you're looking in the mirror while using it. I often use this in the shower and it can be hard to know if you've covered your face thoroughly! The amount in the below photo is about the amount I use for my whole face.

On the skin it is very refreshing, I would describe it as actually quite menthol in feeling. It is ever so slightly tingly on the skin, and after rinsing my face feels so clean. My skin can very very sensitive and susceptible to harsh cleansers, however I have no issues whatsoever with this, which corroborates its claim of being 'extra gentle'. Also, my skin can be very dry after cleansing, sometimes quite badly, but not so when using this, so I believe too that it optimizes hydration. My skin definitely reaps the benefits of this! The anti-ageing properties in this cleanser are not a priority for me at present, but I suppose it can do no harm to start thinking about that too!

My only downside with ordering this, was the ridiculous amount of excess packaging it arrived in! It came in a large cardboard box, along with the eye cream for mum (which was in a smaller packet than this) and there was so much card stuffed in to keep the items secure, it was unbelievable!

So far, I am extremely pleased that I am reunited with the Murad Time Release Blemish Cleanser. If it keeps my skin looking healthy and relatively spot-free for however long this tube lasts, I would be more than happy to spend £29 on it in future.

Have you made any purchases as a result of a beauty box? Or do you think I'm mental for spending so much on one cleanser?! Let me know your thoughts!


Sarah said...

I don't think you can ever spend too much on skincare. If you find something that works for 99p then awesome, but I'd be willing to spend a lot of money for good skin. Otherwise your makeup will just look horrible & THAT would be the waste of money. BOOM! Justified. :D


Gemma-Louise said...

I loved this cleanser too. Murad in general is great. Can't decide whether I like this or Liz Earle Cleanse+Polish better!

Amakura Reika said...

I'm happy for you coz you've found a perfect cleanser that works for you. I'm still looking for a product that would work for me. How I wish I can try that product, but I'm from Asia

Hazel said...

If you find something that works, you gotta go with it! As you say, this is exactly what Glossy Box is all about - trying something before committing to a big spend.
I'm still can't make up my mind about a subscription, it's posts like this that push me a little closer...

xXxStundonxXx said...

Part of me hoped that this would be the miracle cleanser for me when I had it in my box. Part of me was relieved when it wasn't due to the cost.
It did not work for me at all :(
Goes to show that everyone's skin reacts differently xx

Sophie - Country girl said...

i'm not sure I would ever spend big bucks on a beauty product, but then I'm somewhat stingy! If the product does the job far better than anything cheap then I guess it merits the high price!