Wednesday, 2 November 2011

New ELF Goodies

Last week ELF were doing one of their free shipping codes, so I thought I would make the most of it, as I hadn't made an ELF order in a while. I ordered the Flawless Finish Foundation for my mum as she really likes it (shame I can't say the same!) and the rest was all for me...

Nail Polishes:

I tried to apply this one day then changed my mind as I was in a rush and the formula seemed very thick. The polish also seemed more matte than the gorgeous golden pearly pink that it is in the bottle. Will have to try again and see. At £1.50 each, I am not expecting much mind you.

This also looks a lovely colour in the bottle, although nothing like the colour on the website! I have yet to wear this so can't make any further comment at present, but it seems a very wearable, subtle shade.

Mascara Wands:

I am going to a 4 hour make up course next month that requires me to bring my own kit - I think it might involve applying make up on other people so I thought these would be useful, especially for £3.50.

Matte Lip Colour:

It annoys my inner grammar Nazi that they don't change the spelling for the UK version of the product *steam erupts from ears*

Other than that, though, I am really liking this lip colour so far. It is so easy to apply, the twist up pencil means little mess, and the colour is, indeed, very natural. I really like the finish too, though I know matte lips aren't to everyone's taste. It isn't drying on me, and lasts a decent length of time before I need a touch up.

Ignore the stray hair.

Have you bought any decent ELF goodies lately? I do like stumbling across a bargain gem!


Sophie - Country girl said...

love the look of that lip colour. I hope you enjoy your course x

Hazel said...

I'm expecting an order to arrive soon. I ordered the eye primer after you talked about it in a post and some eyeshadow... Looking forward to trying those :-)
You are seriously bad for my shopping habit, I now covet that matte lip colour!!

fluff and fripperies said...

Hi Lauren, they all look like really pretty products, especially loving he first nail polish and the matte lip colour. I know what you mean about the Americanised spelling - one of my favourite budget beauty brands is New York Color and the spelling sets my teeth on edge!

Eloise said...

The lip colour looks really pretty on you! I've only ever ordered once from elf but was more than pleased with everything I received