Saturday, 12 November 2011

OOTN - Last Minute Pub Visit

Top & Cardi - H&M
Jeans  - D2
Shearling Boots - Missguided
Not the most ground-breaking of outfits, but for a last minute trip to the pub for a catch-up with a friend, this did the job. I adore this top from H&M - beautiful nude colour, pretty diamanté studs, looks good with skirts and trousers, can be dressed up or down, and cost £3.99 I do believe. What a cheap staple to have!

The boots were from Missguided last year, I love them and were a good find as they fit my huge feet properly. Granted, the shearling trim is entirely for aesthetic purposes; these do not keep your feet warm at all, as I discovered during a snowy day at the Aviva stadium last year, but sure they look good! (Not that you can tell from my photos!)

I've had a nice long weekend this week - I was off on Thursday and Friday. On Friday I went to Belfast to the FABB NI (Fashion & Beauty Bloggers NI) meet up at the Sugahfix Office. There was tea, work of art cupcakes, advice, chat and plenty of craic! It was great to meet other blogging ladies and put faces to everyone. Looking forward to future meet ups!


Caroline said...

Those cupcakes look amazing! x

Sophie - Country girl said...

that top was a snip, it looks classy and worth a lot more!
Those cupcakes look yummy, jel you had a local blooger meetup. Most are miles away from me!

Charlotte said...

Love that top and what a bargain! Those cupcakes look amazing X