Thursday, 17 November 2011

Possible MAC Lipstick Dupe

I mentioned this a few weeks ago in a Make Up Shake Up Post. I had never realised until that point, how similar these two shades are. So, in the name of a good dupe, I thought I would compare the two and see just how similar.

The MAC Cremesheen in Shy Girl is described on their website as a 'creamy, neutral coral biege'. To me, it leans more on the peachy coral side, but that is perhaps due to my very pale skin tone. The cremesheen finish is creamy and moisturising, with a hint of glossiness to it, and the expected vanilla scent. It comes in the usual sleek MAC packaging, and retails at £13.50.

Miners, funnily enough, seems to be a hard brand to find. I bought mine in a local chemist which has stocked Miners for the last million years or so (well, for as long as I can remember anyway, since I was a youngsta). I bought it for £3.99 at the time. The packaging is small and neat but slightly cheap and plastic looking. I like the fact that it has the shade on the lid for ease of reference. This lipstick is a very similar peachy shade to Shy Girl, not quite nude as the name suggested. The formula is creamy and smooth, and the smell is also of vanilla, though with that slightly plastic scent that some cheaper lip products can have. Although the name is Matte, I don't think that this dries to a completely matte finish. It is not as long lasting as the MAC lipstick and can bleed slightly, but other than that, I really think that there is little between the shades.

Sadly, I think that the Miners lipsticks may be now discontinued, as I cannot find them on the Miners website. They are also now half price in my local chemist, but I think that has more to do with the fact that they have now stuck a ruddy huge Clarins counter in it and want rid of the cheap make up! (As IF my wee town needs a Clarins counter! Ha!)

What do you think? Is a dupe worth it for the savings or would you rather have the real deal?


AspirationsOfGlam said...

Oof I just can't resist a dupe!
I've see. miners around can't think where possibly bodycare..somewhere like that?
love casual "youngsta" reference!


Please may I? said...

I'm all for saving a few pennies! And who would really spot the difference other than you and your purse?

X x

aprettyobsession said...

Ohhh I love a good doup thanks hon

Claire Gratzke said...

there's something about a MAC lippy though that i just love! i'm sticking to recycling my old MAC packagings to get my free lipstick! xx

daisychain said...

I remember when miners used to be everywhere. Sad times.

Charlotte said...

Oooo that's such a great find! Sadly I've never seen Miners in shops near me :( X

Jesa said...

REally lovely colors!