Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas from Gordons

We are all well aware of how quickly the Christmas season is encroaching upon us. I, for one, find it both an exciting and terrifying count down! I have already bought a few presents, and I absolutely love buying presents for people. I always try to buy items that I know they will appreciate and get use from, but also presents that are within my budget.

Gordons Chemists, one of N. Ireland's most established independent pharmacies, is offering some cracking Christmas gift sets this year, to suit any and all tastes and budgets.

One such gift is the Academy of Colour "Get The Look" Book, which is on offer at £10.00. This is a bit of a steal, considering all the items housed in the clever book-like casing!

The case looks like a fashion magazine, and opens up to reveal 12 baked shadows, 6 eye shadows, 5 eye dusts, 2 highlighters, 2 mascaras, and an eye crayon. It also has 2 mini mascaras, 2 mini eyeliners and some application tips on the left hand side.

Some of the shadows are more pigmented than others, but I would imagine using a primer would help the lighter shadows, I swatched them all dry. The matte shadows are the least pigmented but this is the case with most matte shadows, no matter the brand.

The Eye Dusts are well pigmented and similar to the BarryM Dazzle Dusts.

The Eye Crayon is quite clever - at first it just seemed like an eyeliner, but when you smudge it out and use a baked shadow over the top, it gives the shadow a new lease of life!

All in all, for the bargain price of £10.00, this is a versatile set that would be a great stocking filler, or secret Santa present. I think it could be a great starter kit for girls who are just starting to find their feet with make up.

The second item is the Colour Couture Smokey Eye Make Up Book. This handy little set contains 4 eye shadows that are the perfect shades for creating a classic smokey eye, plus a little eye liner and mascara for touch ups on the go.

There is again, a little guide on the lift hand side with some application ideas. The four shadows are slightly sparkly with decent pigmentation, and blended well. My favourite colour is the silver, as it is soft and so shimmery.

Look created using Colour Couture Smokey Eyes kit
This little kit is currently £3.50! I think this is terrific value, and again, a fantastic stocking filler or little extra to add on to any girl's Christmas present.

*These items were sent to me for consideration on behalf of Gordons Chemist. I am not being compensated for this post. I used the items and formed my views on this basis. All opinions are my own and 100% honest, as always.*


Black Cat said...

I will be so happy to get this!!!

Caroline said...

I'm sure my niece would love the set with all the different eye shadows to try out :) The smokey eye set is a bargain too! x