Saturday, 3 December 2011

Lauren Luke Make Up Brushes...

I was so excited about receiving my Lauren Luke (aka panacea81 from YouTube) brushes. I got them during the week and saved them until today to use them for the first time. Of course, for the purposes of this post, I took photographs of the brushes just out of the packet...

They were nicely wrapped and each brush in an individual wrapper. The handles are glossy and black, with "Lauren Luke" in pale pinky lilac writing on each. The ferrules are a lovely rose gold colour and my first impression was that they were good quality.

Top - Bottom: Powder Brush
Flat Contour Brush
Foundation Brush
Flat Eye Shadow Brush
Top - Bottom: Flat Eye Shadow Brush (again, there isn't 2 of them!)
Blending Eye Shadow Brush
Tapered Blending Brush
Pencil Brush
Angled Liner Brush
So, I think you would all agree that the brushes look absolutely brilliant?! Yes, they are beautiful, soft and I used them to apply my make up after taking the above photographs. I was beyond pleased with them. Totally chuffed!...

Well, until I cleaned some of them. I used my Sephora Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray on the Tapered Blending Brush, and wiped it clean on a makeup wipe. I set it aside to dry, and did the same with the Blending Eye Shadow Brush and the Pencil Brush... at this point I stopped because I realised that my Tapered Blending Brush was looking a bit strange. Quite frazzled looking. I then gently washed it with warm water and ELF Brush Shampoo, and left it to dry. I'll let you see the results for yourself...

Post-Cleaning, Top - Bottom:
Blending Eye Shadow Brush
Tapered Blending Brush
Pencil Brush
Tapered Blending Brush
Tapered Blending Brush
Blending Eye Shadow Brush

I am totally devastated, to be honest. The set of 8 brushes cost me £33.75, which I had thought was brilliant value. However, the fact that this has happened after I cleaned them for the first time has really annoyed me. I clean ALL my make up brushes in this exact same way, and this has never happened to any of them no matter what the brand or price (my ELF, No.7 and MAC brushes have never been affected in any way by this method of cleaning). So I don't see how my cleaning method can have caused this?

I am going to email the customer service address today with these photos and see what response I receive. 

EDIT/UPDATE: I emailed the Customer Services email address and within one hour had received a very helpful response. They have very kindly offered to replace the affected brushes and provided instructions on the best way to clean the brushes too. I am more than happy with the prompt and helpful service I have received 

FURTHER EDIT/UPDATE: A few days after the email, I received some shiny new brushes from Lauren Luke Cosmetics, and so far, so good. I have not yet washed the new ones, however I have washed the rest of the old ones using warm water and baby shampoo and had no issues. I am immensely pleased with the customer service I have received; it is miles ahead of other companies! 

I had originally ended this post with the following:
"I am really uspet that this happened. What was initially an enthusiastic review from a satisfied customer had to become a disappointed warning about cleaning your new make up brushes. Gutted."

And while yes, I was upset, I really didn't emphasise that when I use the brushes I am very pleased with how well they work. I really like the results of using them and this was mainly why I was so annoyed - I'd used the brushes once and couldn't use these 3 again! I think the lesson is to be careful with what you use to clean your brushes, and how you clean them. I will update you all in a week or two about how I get on with them. Also, I really like them because they have my name on too - they're practically personalised!


Sara said...

Oh no :( These look like such lovely brushes too but how disappointing.
Surely it is reasonable that the company would expect people to clean their brushes. And if this is what happened to them, then the brushes aren't fit for purpose, or are defective. I'd contact the company if I were you. xx

Eloise said...

This looked like such a good brush set until I scrolled down, I'd definitely get in touch with customer service because that is just shoddy, the tapered blending brush looks awful after being cleaned!


Adrienne said...

Oh gosh :( I was reading this like oooh they look so good I may have to buy some but the after photos are terrible the brushes look years old! I really hope they solve this and that perhaps it was a dud batch. Good luck!! x

Bex said...

Oh no :(
Surely they shouldn't count it as one use, they obviously aren't fit for purpose if they look so bad after one clean??

Good luck hun, let us know how you get on xo

Lauren said...

Thanks for your comments everyone - I was really wondering if I had done something wrong! Hopefully the new ones will be better! x

Sophie - Country girl said...

Although it sounds like a pretty disasterous start, the service sounds excellent. Perhaps they should mention how the brushes should/shouldn't be cleaned so that these errors don't happen to anyone else!
Horay for personalisation, even co-incidentally ;)

dawn marie said...

I recently just developed this issue today after washing I emailed customer service today do hopefully they will replace mine too I'm glad it's not just me because I really loved these brushes

Lauren said...

@dawn marie - Oh dear, I am sorry to hear that :( their customer service was very efficient and helpful, so hopefully you get sorted.

dawn marie said...

@lauren thank you...customer service replied to me today and said a replacement set was on its way soo I am happy they sent me a washing email also :)

Big Spender's Mug said...

Hi Lauren, sadly I'm experiencing the same issue, however shockingly when I contacted them they got back to me after 6 days after I sent two emails, and the second email I received the customer service team said that " THEY HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED THIS BEFORE WITH ANY OF THEIR BRUSHES" and only gave me instructions how to clean the brushes…. I'm really disappointed, after reading few blogs now it’s clearly that lot of customers have had similar issues, what's more disappointing is their response.. maybe they were efficient when the brushes came out last year ?and don't care much now? anyways wish I saw your post before I ordered the brushes, I have been a fan of Lauren Luke and been supporting her YouTube channel from first month she started her channel but I'm bit disappointed now.....