Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday Night Make Up Shake Up #10

Here lads, it's Week 10 now. This is getting scary, time is going by so quickly! I am stupidly excited about this week's choices. No logic behind this - just proving that my addiction to cosmetics is getting out of hand!

Skin79 Super+ Triple Function BB Cream - I think this is the main reason I am so looking forward to this week's make  up! I saw it yesterday, languishing at the bottom of my make up case, and literally couldn't remember the last time I had used it. I put it on today and am now shocked that I let it go unused for so long - I loooooove it! It is perfect for my skin tone, so natural looking and it evens out my skin while looking like I barely have any make up on. Result. You can see my thorough review of this BB Cream here.

NARS Orgasm Illiminator - I am including this for the second week running because I really love the glow that it gives my skin in this dull, dreary weather! It perks up lacklustre skin when I mix it with my foundation, or can be used sparingly as a highlighter.

Sleek Blush Rose Gold - This blush just works so well with the NARS illuminator, a match made in Heaven.

ELF Makeup Mist & Set - I have decided to include this spray every week for the foreseeable future, as last week my make up looked a bit cakey, and this really helped. However, now that I am using BB Cream instead of a foundation this week, I might not need it as much. Better safe than sorry, mind!

NARS Eyeshadow Duo Portobello - An item I bought in Florida but have now severely neglected. You know, the only reason I bought this is because it is the eyeshadow that Jenna Marbles uses in her YT videos. Yes, I am aware that I am a total sucker. It is nice, don't get me wrong, and as we both have blue eyes I thought that it should work for me too, but I just find the shades to damn similar for my liking. The lighter shade needs to be a bit lighter still, as to me they just look the same. Hmmph.

Wet 'n' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Sugar - As the NARS duo has no highlight shade, this will be it.

Avon SuperMagnify Mascara - This arrived in my giveaway prize from the lovely Hazel, and I just opened it last week. It is already one of my favourite mascaras!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eye Pencil 23L - This shimmery, champagne coloured eyeliner is great at opening up sleepy, tired eyes, making them look brighter, and making me look more awake, even though I am  actually a red eyed zombie most days.

It is a lipgloss week, most definitely! Another realisation when I was looking through my make up yesterday - I have so many lips glosses and I rarely use them; time to rectify this situation! So I chose a few so that I can shop and change during the week:

BarryM Lip Wand - Toffee
BarryM Lip Wand - Bubblegum
Bourjois 3D Effet Lipgloss - Beige Elastique
Bourjois 3D Effet Cosmic Lipgloss - Brun Magic

Whether I get much use out of all of these remains to be seen - last week I was immensely lazy, and didn't bother with eyeshadow or mascara most of the time. I had an awful cold so figured it was best to do without, than have it end up running down my face!

Also, unbelievably, next Sunday is Christmas Day, so what will happen as regards the Make Up Shake Up remains to be seen... it might get done, it might not, but I will definitely be chopping and changing what I use to encompass special occasions, e.g.: going out on Boxing Night, a.k.a. my first night on the drink since 1977, approx.

Have a great week, everyone


Victoria said...

I love the Orgasm Illuminator! I did a review of it recently on my blog and agree it gives a fab glow mixed with foundation.
The MUFE eyeliner looks good, I've heard a lot about these and still haven't gotten round to purchasing one.

confessionsofamakeupaholic said...

I love the Sleek Rose Gold blusher. I picked it up in Belfast last weekend after seeing it on your blog a while back, its gorgeous! x

Melanie Davies said...

I'd really love to try an eyeliner in this shade, I NEED to get around to buying one! xx

Dawniepants said...

I love this post Lauren, really comprehensive. I got the Misscha BB cream from Asia, I'm not that keen on it though. Might give it another go!
I'm glad I'm not the only one with things languishing in the bottom of my make up cases.


Misseblog said...

hahaha loved the "aka my first night on the drink since 1977, approx"...Have fun! :)

Love these posts of yours, such a great idea to mix up the products you use. I can't believe its Christmas in less than a week, do not feel ready at all xx