Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sunday Night Make Up Shake Up #9

I'll not do the usual 'OMG it's week 9 WHAT?!' comment that these posts tend to begin with! I will warn you though that there is a lot of overlap with last week's products, as I got to use them very little and so have included most of them again this week...

MAC Face & Body Foundation C1 - This week my skin seems to have cleared up a bit (fingrers crossed) so I am hoping that I can get away with less coverage and use my F&B again! I got this over 2 months ago and there is still so much left, it's unreal.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer 1 Fair - My Witch concealer ran out so I replaced it with this one. I have this in the next shade up but it is too dark for my untanned skin so this one is perfect.

Catrice Multi Colour Compact Powder 020 Sand Beige - I am including this again as I will need it to try and sculpt some sort of shape into my swollen face. I really like this as a contouring powder and I think it will just be a staple in my make up every week from now on.

Lumiere Cosmetics Mineral Foundation Fair Cool Cashmere - In case the F&B foundation doesn't quite cut it in the coverage stakes, I have included this matte mineral powder foundation to add a bit of extra skin camouflage!

Lumiere Cosmetics Mineral Blush Autumn - Again, I didn't get much use out of this last week and so I am going to try it on its own this week (without cream blush underneath)

NARS Orgasm Illuminator - This will be my highlighter this week. As with the F&B, I have had this since May and I need so little per use, the amount I have left is crazy!

NYC High Definition Mascara - I barely used it last week so it's being recycled this week, although I opened a new mascara toady which I am dying to get playing with...

S-he Stylezone Eyeshadow Trio - I wore this last week for a day and quite liked it, so again, being recycled.

NYC Colour Wheel Eye Mosiac Powder Pink Cadillac - I didn't use this at all last week, oops. Must try harder.

Natural Collection Lip Liner - There isn't a shade on this, I think it might be Almond but I can't be sure. I found it in my make up case today and thought it was about time it got the use it deserves.

Avon Colour Rich Lipstick Pout - Again, this didn't get used much last week so it's in again this time.

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick Luxurious Blush - My newest lipstick, I am impatient and want to use it so it's going in the box too!

So that is everything for this week. I'm back in work my usual 5 days so hopefully will get plenty of use out of all of the items!


Victoria said...

great picks! xx

Black Cat said...

I have some products same like last week as well!

Charlotte said...

The lipsticks look gorgeous and I love the look of the Catrice powder X

Pop Champagne said...

great picks I love Nars it's one of my fav cosmetic brands!

Nadia said...

I have this concealer and I love it! Great choices :) xx