Wednesday, 18 January 2012

2012 Project Pan

Oh what a cliché! I see these Project Pan posts and wonder how folk can be bothered picking out certain products to finish up, or determining a certain number of items they want to use. I have so many at the minute, I would have no idea where to begin!

However, I did say in my 2012 Resolutions that I needed to do some sort of make up challenge, due to my ever increasing stash. This stash will increase even more this year, once I finish my make up course and start building up my kit, however my kit will be separate from my own products.

I have simply settled on a Project Pan with no specific number in the title, for fear that I let it down! This Project Pan includes all make up items, plus products like body scrubs and lotions as I now have so many they are threatening to take over my bedroom. I have created a new Project Pan page above, where I will note down what products I finish and when, then I can see what I achieved at the end of the year! I do have an estimated aim of twelve products though, as that would be roughly one item per month which should be plausible.

Obviously some products I will get through faster than others, especially those that I use everyday (eg: cleanser, moisturiser, hand cream etc) but every product counts in my battle against product overload.

So let me begin with item numéro uno- this innocuous little lad:

Product used up:
1. Soap & Glory Flake Away 50ml

You can track my progress herein on the 2012 Project Pan page. Let the challenge commence!


Sophie - Country girl said...

good luck with this. I am hopeless at finishing things off, I can't wait to move on to the next lot to see if it's any better!

Leanne Marie said...

I think its the best idea not to set a number of products you use up. or else you will just start using them up for the sake of it and not actually appreciating them! I need to do project bathroom again... I will be doing a makeup challenge soon though which will be posted on the blog next week! :-) xx

Catherine said...

Good luck I could really do with doing this too as I have so much stuff I don't use stashed away x