Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New Make Up Brushes!

On my first day on my make up course I ended up spending £70 I hadn't been expecting to part with. I felt a bit guilty at first, as I always do after a big purchase. However, I figured that I would have to get some brushes for my kit sooner or later, and so this set was a good place to start. 

Oooh look at my fancy roll!

This set has 14 brushes, which works out at £5 per brush. I also think, honestly, that these brushes are fantastic quality. I prefer them over my Lauren Luke brushes (although I do still like my LL ones, and use them daily, as I am trying to only use these as my kit!).

(L-R): Eye Liner Brush / Concealer Brush / Flat Definer Brush / Lip Brush / Angled Brush
The handles are long and lightweight, matte black with the make up studio name printed on the handle. I know there are a few bristles sticking out at an angle from the Liner Brush, but this is because I put the guard on wonky; now rectified! I must admit here that the names I am giving these brushes are just my names for them, based on what I use them for! Obviously you can call them whatever you like and use them for whatever you prefer.

(L-R): Eye Definer Brush / Small Socket Brush / Socket Brush / Angled Shader / Fluffy Shadow Brush
I think that, if you were at a push, you could do a whole face of make up with only this kit. There are some synthetic brushes and some natural sable ones. They wash really well too; these photos were taken the day after their second wash and they still look brand new.

Double-ended Spoolie and Comb Brush
The metal end on this scared me a little - I have nightmares of poking my own or someone else's eye out with it! Handy if used with care though, for brushing through brows and lashes.

(L-R): Foundation Brush / Blush Brush / Powder Brush
The foundation brush is also great for cream blush and highlighter. The powder brushes are so soft, and I am so happy with finally having a decent blush brush. I wish I could use them on myself every day but as I said, I am trying to relegate these for 'kit only' usage... it is breaking my heart slightly!

These brushes are available to buy for £120 from the make up studio, while students get them at the discounted price of £70. I think it it £70 well spent, and think it is a great starter set. While they may not be up to the standards of MAC brushes or the like, I think they will serve me well for a long time, and more than be worth the money.


Beautyshades said...

The brushes look alright. I also would love to go to a makeup school but can't find a reasonable priced one.

DawnieP said...

I think it was a great purchase, they look really nice quality and you will always use them !


lalalucy1000 said...

Ahh I remember doing my make up course and my kit costing £150.. I was stunned but out of everything in it the brushes were really decent ones. Everything else I felt I needed to replace x x

Charlotte said...

Ooooh I have a bit of an obsession with make-up brushes haha, forever searching online and almost buying from so many brands. These look like great brushes and such a decent price! X

Sophie - Country girl said...

They do look like great quality brushes. £70 is a bit of a shocker though, if you weren't expecting it, but £50 is a decent discount.

Belfast Blogger said...

Where are you doing your make-up course Lauren, if you don't mind me asking? Currently contemplating attending one in Belfast (if the price is right!) :) x